Father Mollinger's Original Prescriptions

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Father Mollinger's Original Prescriptions
Father Mollinger's Original Prescriptions - Advert - Earlington Bee (Nov 10, 1892, p4).png

Medical Claims A selection of cures for rheumatism, catarrh, epileptic fits, and special tea for treatment of constipation and purifying the blood.
Creator(s) Father Suitbert G. Mollinger, Alexander F. Sawhill
Year created ~1892
Vendors A. F. Sawhill, Mollinger Medicine Co.

Father Mollinger's Original Prescriptions were a selection of patent medicines, prepared by Alexander F. Sawhill of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, and sold under a trademark featuring Father Suitbert G. Mollinger. According to Sawhill's copy, he had been preparing the remedies on behalf of Father Mollinger for seven years, though the trademark was registered only after the father's passing. This was the first commercial exploitation of Mollinger's name and reputation as a healer, and the forerunner to the later Mollinger Medicine Co.

Prescription Product Line

Sawhill's original line of prescriptions included:

  • Rheumatism Cure
  • Catarrh Cure
  • Epileptic Fit Cure
  • Blood Tea - treatment for constipation and purifying blood

This would expand to include liquids, liniments, plasters, and tablets for everything from coughs and colds, the grip (influenza), nervous disorders, blood diseases, and a plethora of further ailments.