Father Mollinger's Famous Herb Tablets

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Father Mollinger's Famous Herb Tablets
Medical Claims According to the copy, Mollinger's herbal remedy "cleanses the entire human system, purifies the blood, acts quickly on the kidneys, bladder and liver"; "aids Digestion"; and "as a Bowel Regulator it has no equal."
Creator(s) Father Suitbert G. Mollinger, Alexander F. Sawhill
Vendors A. F. Sawhill, Mollinger Medicine Co.

Father Mollinger's Famous Herb Tablets (see also: Father Mollinger's Famous Herb Tea) was a herbal supplement sold by Mollinger Medicine Co., boasting general curative powers derived from fifteen herbs, whose correct proportions and secret preparation were said to have been discovered by Catholic priest Suitbert G. Mollinger (1828-1892), first rector of Most Holy Name of Jesus in Troy Hill, Pittsburgh, and benefactor of St. Anthony Chapel, home to the largest collection of relics after the Vatican.