Cor-Ago (patent medicine)

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Cor-Ago, Father Bordas' Remedy
Medical Claims Treatment of "all diseases which arise from blood impurities," including: "Rheumatism, Eczema, Dyspepsia, Liver and Kidney Diseases, Heart Failure and Inflammation of the Bladder"
Creator(s) Father Edward P. Bordas
Year created c. 1903
Vendors Cor-Ago Co. (Linden Lake, MI)

Cor-Ago (Latin: cor, "heart" + agere, "to stimulate into action") was a patent tonic of borage (starflower), manufactured and sold by Cor-Ago Co. of Linden Lake, Houghton Co., Michigan, founded by a French Catholic priest, Edward Peter Bordas, from whose name the product derived the secondary title Father Bordas' Remedy.