Father Mathew Remedy

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Father Mathew Remedy
Medical Claims One teaspoon for relief from the after-effects of "debauch or any intemperate indulgence," as well as fevers and digestion problems
Creator(s) Henry Halkelt de Petferren
Year created c. 1878
Vendors Father Mathew Temperance & Manufacturing Co. (New York)

Father Mathew('s) Remedy was a tonic for relief of intemperance (i.e. a hang-over cure), named for Father Theobald Mathew, an Irish Catholic teetotalist, having been created by Henry Halkelt de Petferren and manufactured by Father Mathew Temperance & Manufacturing Co. The advertising boasted it was an "antidote to alcohol," promising a "certain and speedy cure for Intemperance" and that it "destroys all appetite for alcoholic liquors," just one teaspoon taken the morning-after to "remove all mental and physical depression," in addition to curing "every kind of Fever, Dyspepsia and Torpidity of the Liver."