Bibliography of Cryptography (1938 book)

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Bibliography of Cryptography: a Catalog of Books Pertaining to the Science of Codes and Cyphers
Author J. D. Volts
Publisher The Author
Location Cincinnati
Pub. date 1938
Language English

Contents: 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


IT BECAME apparent in the very beginning of the compilation of this bibliography that the first edition could not be complete nor without error. The endless task of consulting libraries throughout the country, the correspondence with foreign collectors and dealers during the last five years has resulted in this little book. It is my earnest hope that those who find errors or those who may have additions either to information which I have or about books not in the bibliography that they will communicate with me; that the second edition will be much more complete.

The conflict of available information on Cryptographic Works is amazing, and many learned authorities give different dates and titles for the same book. Some books which must have been sensational in their day, are conspicuous by the total absence of information about them. If you find the name of a book without any other information, you may be sure that my present resources have been exhausted without result. It was also necessary to decide whether or not to include Commercial Code Books, Books on the Shakespeare-Bacon Controversy, Works of Fiction using a cipher in the plot, and books remotely connected with the subject of Cryptography. I included all that came to my attention in addition to the wellknown common and very scarce text books. I have also used the long titles, when the information was available.

I included Commercial Code Books, first of all, because I collect them along with works on Cryptography; second, because many of the books on Cryptography are out of print, very hard to secure, and are expensive. It is my suggestion to those who would collect books on Cryptography that they collect Commercial Code Books also. They can be picked up in many second-hand book stores and are quite inexpensive. To add books to your collection gives zest to the enterprise which will not be forthcoming during the long waits for scarce and out of print Cryptographic text books. The same reasons apply equally well to the books on Shakespeare-Bacon Controversy. While I hold no brief with either side, I urgently urge the student of Cryptography to read these books. It may open a new avenue of research for I am sure that much has been written that never has been read.

The works of fiction using a cipher as a plot are interesting, to say the least, and in many cases the investigator, as he unravels the cipher, is down right funny. Certainly many of these fictional investigators were not trained Cryptographers, but to read is to know, and many a potent idea awaits those who will venture into the light side of Cryptography.

While I have compiled this bibliography mainly in the interest of the student of Secret Writing, collectors will find it useful, through not complete. It is my idea that once the first edition of this little book is put into interested hands, that it will grow by leaps and bounds, and in time will be the standard reference bibliography on the subject of Cryptography.

James D. Volts,
1030 Woodlawn Avenue,
February 1, 1938.
Cincinnati, Ohio.


  • Appier, Jean, Methode pour escrire occultement a son amy par l'Alphabet de Trithemius. Par laquelle l’on peut escrire et composer congruement en latin promptement, soit par gens ignorans de la langue latine ou non, en cachant soubs ce latinune missiue en quelle langue que l’on voudra. Pont. a Mousson, Ch Marchant in 4 de 32ff.
  • Arensberg, Walter C., The Cryptography of Dante, 494pp, Knopf, New York 1921 (2). (Published at $6.00).
  • Arensberg, Walter C., The Cryptography of Shakespeare, Part 1, 280pp, H. Bowen, Los Angeles 1922 (2). (Do not know if Part 2 was published )
  • August II, Duke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, 1579–1666, Gustavi Saleni Cryptomenytices et cryptográphiae libra IX, in quibus & planissima. Steganograpphiae à Johanne Trithemio . . . magicèë & aenigmaticè olim conscriptae enodatio traditur . . . (Lunaeburgi, Henrici fratrum, der Sternen bibliopolarum lunaeburgensium 1624) 493pp, (2).


  • Bailey, J. E., Cryptography in Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th Edition, 1895.
  • Ball, W. W. Rouse, Mathematical Recreation and Essays, 7th Edition, London 1917 and later (Published at $3.50). (Contains 29 valuable pages on Ciphers.)
  • Bazeries, Etienne, Les chiffres secrets devoiles Etude historique . . . 282pp, E. Fasquelle, Paris 1901 (2).
  • Same, Etude sur la Cryptographie Militaire, Paris 1900.
  • Same, Chiffres de Napoleon, Fontainbleau 1896.
  • Same, Le Masque de Fer, Paris 1893. (Do not know if this is on Ciphers.)
  • -----, Bacon's, Roger, Manuscript, Review of Reviews, July 1921.
  • -----, Same title, Scientific American Monthly, June 1921.
  • (Blaire, William), Cipher, 117 pp, Ree's Cyclopaedia 1819. 2 P (2).
  • Bloomer, J. G., The Pacific Cryptograph. A complete Double Index Cipher for Telegraphing, San Francisco 1872. Second Edition, San Francisco 1875.
  • Beaufort, Admiral Sir F., A Card of Cryptography, System of Secret Writing Adapted for Telegrams and Post Cards, London (1895?).
  • Bentley's Complete Phrase Code, nearly 1000 million combinations. Quarto, Leather, New York. (No date?)
  • Berkel, E., Telegraphic Cryptogram, Scientific American, December 11, 1915 (2).
  • Bertaini, Essai de dechiffrement de quelques inscriptions etrusques., Leipzig 1860, in 8 relie.
  • Beard, Daniel C., The American Boys Book of Signs, Signals and Symbols (Published at $3.00. Do not have place or date of publication.)
  • Beaudoire, Theophile, Genèse de la cryptographie apostolique et de l'architecture rituelle du premier au seizième siécde: baptistères, basiliques, amulettes, sarcophages, fresques, numismatique, manuscripts, chartes et bulles, (etc.) Paris, (Imprimerie: chez E. Capioment & cie) 1902, 291 pp. (2).
  • -----, Book of Cryptograms, Contains 40 Codes and Ciphers, Published by Aurand's Book Store, Harrisburg, Pa., (Published at $1.00) Harrisburg, Pa., 1932.
  • Borden, H. A., Cipher Codes. Scientific American Supplement, March 3, 1917 (2).
  • Boyer and Other, Real Puzzles, Baltimore, 1925. [For information write Mr. John Q. Boyer, 2034 N. Fulton Ave., Baltimore, Md.]
  • Booth, William Stone, Some Acrostic Signatures of Francis Bacon, together with some others, all of which are now for the first time deciphered and published. Boston, 1909, 4to, cloth.
  • Same, Subtle Shining Secrecies writ in the margents of books generally ascribed to William Shakespeare, the Actor and here ascribed to William Shakespeare, the Poet. Boston, 1925. 8vo, cloth back, boards, paper labels.
  • Same. The Hidden Signatures of Francesco Colonna and Francis Bacon, a comparison of their methods. With evidence of Marston and Hall that Bacon was the author of Venus and Adonis. (n.p.n.d. 2)
  • Boetzel, A., Methode einer neuen Geheimschrift, Geheimtelegraphie, Geheimsprache, Geheimtelephonie und Gheimdruck. Leipzig, F. A. Berger, 1900, 85 pp. (2).
  • Brewton, William W., Science of the cipher. Scientific American Supplement, June 19, 1915, v. 79:394–395 (2).
  • Breithaupt, Chrn., Ars decifratoria sive scientia occultes scripturas solvendi et legendo. Praemissa est Disquisitio historica de variis modis occulte scribendi tam spud veteres quam recentiores visitatis Helmstadii, Weygand, 1737 in-8, de 32, 160pp. et 6ff. D. rel. de L'epoque (quelques trous de ver. Avoc une planche pliante. et de nombrsuses figures.)
  • Brights Characterie 1588 (First English system of shorthand).
  • Bridges, Noah, Stenographie and cryptographie, or the arts of short and secret writing. London, Printed by J. G. for the author, 1659. 66pp. (2)
  • Bunting, Cable Code.
  • Buranelli, Prosper and Others. Cryptogram Book, New York, 1929, 138pp. (2).
  • Burnz, Channing. The thorough cipher code for telegraphing and for written communications where secrecy is desirable. New York (1891), 197pp. (2).
  • Butler, A. J. Some Elizabethan cipher-books. (In Bibliographical Society, Transactions, London 1901 V.6: 127-135) (2).
  • -----, BI – Literal cypher of Sir Francis Bacon, 3rd. edition, London and Detroit 1901.
  • Burnett, E. C. Ciphers of the revolutionary period. American historical review, Jan. 1917., v. 22:329-334 (2).


  • Cameron, J. B., Cameron's exponent of cipher., Ledger print (189-?) 8 p. Bookhaven, Miss., The mystery simplified.
  • Carstensen, A., ed. Zebra Code, 4th ed. London 1933 (Benn 428).
  • Clark, Indian Sign Language.
  • -----, Cipher Dispatches (No title page, a pamphlet in the Cin. Lib.) (This is 4 Vols. of reproduced Telegrams in cipher or code.)
  • Clarke, Thomas M., The cypher abstract. A complete and concise form for abstracting deeds, mortgages and leases in cypher . . . containing a complete abstract of all lands in the same section on one page. With a key to the cypher. 2d. ed. rev. 13 p. (Shoals, Ind., 1881) (2).
  • Clauson-Thue, W., The ABC Universal Commercial Electric Tel. Code, 480 pp, A. C. Co., Fourth Ed.
  • Clauson-Thue, W., A. B. C. Univ. Commercial Code, 1400 pp., A. C. Co., N. Y., 1901, Fifth Edition.
  • [Collier, Ray], Cryptography or Secret Writing. 36 p. Manhardt-Alexander, Inc., Buffalo, New York, 1932 (2).
  • Cooper, K. S. Cipher Stories Puzzle Book (25 Stories each containing at least 2 cipher puzzles). New York, 1928.
  • Corvin, Otto von, The secret letter writer. A comprehensible and secure system of cipher-writing for general use. 57 p., New York (W. Radde). 1865 (2).
  • Cordonnier — Dissertation Critique, 1741 (French).
  • -----, Clive's Linear System of Shorthand. 1830. (Contains plate of Charles I favorite cipher.)
  • Cryptogram, The, Official Organ of the American Cryptogram Assn., published bi-monthly. First Issue Feb., 1932. (For information on the Association or the Publication, communicate with Mr. George C. Lamb, Burton, Ohio.)
  • -----, Cryptography. In New international encyclopaedia. 2d ed., Vol 6, p. 324-325, New York, 1914 (2).
  • -----, Cryptography. In Encyclopaedia Britannica., 11th ed. v. 7, p. 565-
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  • Deckherr, De Scriptis Adespotis, Amsterdam, 1686 (Latin) (Deckherri).
  • De Lage, Emile, La Chiffre-cryptographie L’Art de S'Ecriere en Secret Absolu, Paris, 1900.
  • Delastolle, F., Cryptographic Monvelle Paris, 1893.
  • Delastelle, F., Traite Elementaire de Cryptographie, Paris, 1902.
  • Dickson, S. B., Coded Limericks, 50 laugh provoking limericks in secret ciphers accompanied by the Gold Bug. New York, 1925.
  • Donnelly, Ignatius, The Great Cryptogram, Chicago, 1888 (A large work on the Shakespeare-Bacon Controversy).
  • Donnelly, Ignatius, Cipher in the plays and on the Tombstone, 1899.
  • -----, De geheime brieven-schryver, nangetoond met verscheydene voorbeclien. 176 p. Amsterdam, B. Mourik (17—) (2).
  • Down, Phil, Key to Puzzledom. New York, 1906. [For information write Mr. John Q. Boyer, 2034 N. Fulton Ave., Baltimore, Md.]
  • Doyle, Conan, The Adventure of Dancing Men. (Published in The Return of Sherlock Holmes, also in the complete Holmes' editions.) (It is said that cryptography also inters some of the other Holmes stories.)
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