Armgaard Karl Graves

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Armgaard Karl Graves
Armgaard Karl Graves - news photo, 1916.jpg

"Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves, photographed in his office in New York since his arrest." (Nov. 1916)

Alias(es) Paul W. Graumann, Paul Gunther, Paul Peter Gunther von Kanitz, etc.
Born possibly Max Meincke
Switzerland or Germany
Died Date of death unknown
Spouse(s) Helen Gunther

Armgaard Karl Graves, also known as (or accused of being) Louis Clement Van Norden, Paul W. Graumann, Paul Gunther, Paul Peter Gunther von Kanitz, etc., was a German (or Swiss) "double agent" for the German Naval Intelligence and the British Security Service before the start of the First World War, later emigrating to the United States, where he engaged in black mail, extortion, swindling, and scams of all character, resulting in his deportation in 1937 and subsequent disappearance.

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From March through May 1937, Graves fought against deportation to Germany, stating that he feared he would be shot if returned, and achieved a small success in having the orders for his removal stayed in April, at which time he was taken off the ship transporting him, but was finally deported in early May after his appeals had been exhausted.