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Palmer Publications, Inc. was a publishing concern founded and operated by editor Ray Palmer, based first in Evanston and then Mundelein, Illinois, and eventually in Amherst, Wisconsin. It was the parent company of Palmer's Amherst Press, and both companies published similar types of materials.


Palmer Pub. Inc.



  • Inspired Novels (1961-1965), a series of abridged, digest-sized editions, including:
    • Corelli, Marie (Winter 1961), A Romance of Two Worlds, Inspired Novels, A-1 
    • Corelli, Marie (Spring 1962), The Soul of Lilith, Inspired Novels, A-2 
    • Lloyd, John Uri (Summer 1962), Etidorhpa: Or, the End of the Earth, Inspired Novels, A-3 
    • Corelli, Marie (Winter 1962), Ardath, Inspired Novels, A-4 
    • Corelli, Marie (Spring 1965), The Sorrows of Satan, Inspired Novels, D-2 
    • Emerson, Willis George (Summer 1965), The Smoky God, Inspired Novels, D-3 
    • Reeve, Bryant; Reeve, Helen (Fall 1965), Flying Saucer Pilgrimage, Inspired Novels, D-4 

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