Ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰹⱌⰰ (Glagolitsa)

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Ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰹⱌⰰ (tr. glagolica, "Glagolitic") is an Old Slavic alphabet, believed to have been originally devised in the mid-9th century by St. Cyril (Constantine), a Byzantine monk from Thessaloniki, for the purpose of translating the Scriptures into the language of the Slavs in Great Moravia in order to engage in Christian proselytisation. It was formerly used for the writing of Old Church Slavonic before being displaced by the Early Cyrillic alphabet some decades after it was first invented; though, in an exception to the precedence of Cyrillic, it did remain in use as late as the nineteenth century among Croatian Orthodox clerics writing in Church Slavonic.


The Glagolitic alphabet originally contained 38 characters, gradually expanding to 41, with certain numeric correspondences assigned (and possibly re-assigned) to each letter.

Letter Cyrillic Pr. Tr. Name O.C.S. Name C.S. Name Meaning Value
А /ɑ/ Azu Azъ Az I 1
Б /b/ Bouky Buky Buky letters 2
В /ʋ/ Vede Vědě Vedi to know 3
Г, Ґ /ɡ/ Glagolu Glagoli Glagoli to do/to speak 4
Д /d/ Dobro Dobro Dobro kindness/good 5
Є, Е, Э, ë /ɛ/ Jestu Jestъ Jest is/exists 6
Ж /ʒ/ Zhivete Živěte Zhivete life/live 7
Ѕ /d͡z/ Dzelo Dzělo Dzelo very 8
З /z/ Zemlja Zemlja Zemlja earth/ground/soil 9
Ⰹ, Ⰺ Ι, Ї /i/, /j/ I, Izhe I I and (&) 10
И /i/, /j/ I Iže Izhe which is/the 20
Ꙉ, Ћ, Ђ, Џ /d͡ʑ/ Gjerv Djervь, ǵervь tree/wood 30
К /k/ Kako Kako Kako how/as 40
Л, Љ /l/, /ʎ/ Ljudie Ljudie Ljudi people 50
М /m/ Myslite Myslite Mislete thought/think 60
Н, Њ /n/, /ɲ/ Nashi Našь Nash ours 70
О /ɔ/ Onu Onъ On he 80
П /p/ Pokoi Pokoj Pokoj calmness/peace 90
Р /r/ Rici Rьci, rьtsi Rtsi Speak!/Pronounce! 100
С /s/ Slovo Slovo Slovo word/speech 200
Т /t/ Tvrido Tvrьdo Tverdo solid/hard/surely 300
У /u/ Uku Ukъ Uk Knowledgeable/Enlightened 400
Ф /f/ Fritu Frьtъ Fert 500
Х /x/ Heru Xěrъ Kher 600
Ѡ /ɔ/ Out Otъ Oht, Omega From 700
Щ /tʲ/, /ʃ͡t/ Shta Šta/Šča Shta/Shcha 800
Ц /t͡s/ Ci Ci, tsi Tsi 900
Ч /t͡ɕ/ Chrivi Črьvъ Cherv worm 1000
Ш /ʃ/ Sha Ša Sha silence/quiet 2000
Ъ /ɯ/ Jeru Jerъ Yer
ⰟⰊ Ы /ɨ/ Jery Jery Yery
Ь /ə/ Jeri Jerь Yer`
Ѣ, Я /æ/, /jɑ/ Jati Jatь, Yatь Yat, Ya
Ё /jo/ Jo
Ю /ju/ Jou Ju, yu Yu
Ѧ /ɛ̃/ Ensu (small jousu) [Ensь] Small yus
Ѩ /jɛ̃/ Jensu (small jousu) [Jensь] [Small iotated yus]
Ѫ /ɔ̃/ Onsu (big jousu) [Onsь] [Big yus]
Ѭ /jɔ̃/ Jonsu (big jousu) [Jonsь] [Big iotated yus]
Ѳ /θ/ Thita [Thita] Fita Theta*
Ѵ /ʏ/, /i/ Yzhica Ižica Izhitsa
  • Thusly, one might perform an isopsephic operation as follows: Ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰹⱌⰰ = 4 + 50 + 1 + 4 + 80 + 50 + 10 + 900 + 1 = 1100