William Carpenter (Common Sense)

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William Carpenter
Alias(es) Common Sense
Born 25 February 1830(1830-02-25)
Greenwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom
Died 1 September 1896 (66) [1]
Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation(s) Printer, stenographer
Nationality British; American (from 1879)
Noted work(s) "One Hundred Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe" (1885)

William Carpenter (February 25, 1830 - September 1, 1896) was an English-born printer and stenographer, as well as author and publisher of various tracts and texts in support of Spiritualism and Samuel Rowbotham's Zetetic Flat Earth theories, both under his own name and under the pseudonym Common Sense.

Selected Bibliography

as Common Sense

as William Carpenter

Carpenter also briefly published two magazines in the United States: "Carpenter's Folly" (1887); and "Shorthand" (1893-1894).


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