Lilla D. Windsor

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Mme. Lilla D. Windsor
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As pictured in "Lectures" (1890)

Born Lilla D. Hatchell
15 February 1858(1858-02-15)
Cherokee County, Texas
Died 17 September 1934 (76)
San Antonio, Texas
Alma mater American Institute of Phrenology, New York
Field(s) Phrenology
Affiliations Windsor College of Phrenology
Spouse(s) William T. King (m. 1877); William Windsor (dv. 1896);[1] Ira W. Ely (m. 1923)

Lilla D. Windsor (February 15, 1858 - September 17, 1934) was an American phrenologist, advertised independently as "The Queen of Phrenologists" and the "Leading Lady Phrenologist of the World," beginning in 1896 to her retirement, and as the assistant to William Windsor, her then-husband, during their touring days from 1889 until their divorce.

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