Lao-Tse (Inner Circle)

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Inner Circle Kethra E'Da

Lao-Tse is one of the astral personalities that Mark Probert professed to channelling, a member of the Inner Circle intelligences. According to records of the Probert seances, this Lao-Tse was, indeed, the legendary Laozi ("Old Master"), founder of Taoism, author of the Tao Te Ching, and deity in several Chinese religious traditions, who was thought to have lived in the 5th century B.C. during the Zhou Dynasty. Specifically, per Probert and the seance record, the channelled Lao-Tse reported having lived "in a town called K'uhsien", where he was the member of a wealthy family who spent his leisure time studying in the Imperial Library, eventually marrying and having seven children, and "at about fifty years of age he abandoned his family and followers and was taken into the mystical school of the White Brotherhood. He died smiling happily at the age of eighty-two."[1]