John Worrell Keely

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John Worrell Keely
Born 3 September 1837(1837-09-03)
Chester, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania
Died 18 November 1898 (61)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Affiliations Keely Motor Company; Keely Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania

John Ernest Worrell Keely (September 3, 1837 - November 18, 1898) was an American mechanic and inventor who claimed to have discovered means of exploiting an etheric force to convert minute quantities of air and water into motive force, as a form of virtual perpetual motion, which he claimed to demonstrate using machines he constructed that were variously called vibratory-generators and hydro-pneumatic-pulsating-vacuo-engines. Keely was also, late in his life, linked to claims regarding an anti-gravity force called apergy, which certain of his defenders as well as sensationalist press accounts related he had discovered.

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  • US118022A. "Improvement in Fly-Wheels." 15 Aug. 1871.

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  1. Colville and Keely were friends, and Colville made reference to Keely's hypotheses in his own writings, including in his 1894 book Dashed Against the Rock, a Romance of the Coming Age (Boston: Colby & Rich). Colville was one of eulogists at Keely's funeral on 23 November 1898.