William Comyns Beaumont

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Comyns Beaumont
Born 30 July 1874(1874-07-30)
Died 30 December 1955 (81) [1]
Hounslow, London, England
Burial St John-at-Hampstead Churchyard, London, England
Occupation(s) Journalism
Spouse(s) Ida Mary M. Gibson (m. 1902)

William Comyns Beaumont (July 30, 1874 - December 30, 1955) was a British journalist and editor, advocate for an alternative history of the world where ancient Britain (which was formerly Atlantis) was the true site of major historical and religious events supposed to have occurred in the Middle East, and that the world has been shaped by cataclysmic impacts (predating Velikovsky), including the planet Saturn causing the Noachian Deluge.

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