Immanuel Velikovsky

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Immanuel Velikovsky
Born 10 June 1895(1895-06-10)
Vitebsk, Russian Empire
(now Belarus)
Died 17 October 1979 (84)
Princeton, New Jersey
Occupation(s) Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst
Noted work(s) "Worlds in Collision" (1950)
"Ages in Chaos" (1952)

Immanuel Velikovsky (Russian Cyrillic: Иммануи́л Велико́вский, Hebrew: עמנואל וליקובסקי; June 10, 1895 - November 17, 1979) was a Russian-born psychiatrist and scholar of Jewish descent, an independent proponent of a hypothesis that early catastrophes mentioned in various cultural mythologies were the result of changes to the orbit and axis of Earth caused by a near collision with the planet Venus after it's ejection from Jupiter.

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