Immanuel Velikovsky - Worlds in Collision (1972 documentary)

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Immanuel Velikovsky - "Worlds in Collision" (

Horizon: Worlds in Collision
Directed by Brian J. Gibson
Written by Brian J. Gibson
Starring Immanuel Velikovsky
Narrated by Frank Gillard
Running time
Country United Kingdom
Language English

A 1972 Horizon documentary on the controversial theories of Immanuel Velikovsky, originally aired 11 January 1973 on BBC 2. Per the show summary,

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky [is] an unorthodox scientist who believes that a mere few hundred years before Christ was born Venus almost collided with the Earth. Mountain ranges were formed, seas boiled and the world stood still. He also believes that man, because he lived through these catastrophes, has an urge to repeat them. Only by understanding the reasons for this urge can we hope to control our compulsion to destroy ourselves.