Carnivorous Plants

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Aside from insectivorous plants, such as the pitcher plant or venus fly-trap, there have been made claims of shrubs and trees that eat animals the size of birds, humans, and even larger animals besides. The following index is a sampling of such alleged plant-forms, both purely fictive and of claimed reality.

De Plantis Qui Carne Vescuntur

Name Meaning Origin Continent Region Area First reported
Crinoida Dajeeana Scientific naming, based on "Crinoid lilystone" and Dr. Bhawoo Dajee, friend of the storied discoverer, Karl Leche New York World Africa East Madagascar 1874
Yateveo Spanish, "I already see you" Buel's Sea and Land (1887) South America Guiana Highlands Venezuela, Guyana 1887
La Sagenas de Diable Spanish, "the Devil's Snare"; a.k.a. "Vampire Vine" New Orleans newspapers Central America Nicaragua Lake Nicaragua 1889
Arbor Diaboli Latin, "Devil Tree" St. Louis Globe-Democrat North America Mexico Sierra Madre Occidental 1889
Magnetic Saguaro Cactus - Florence Tribune North America Arizona Pinal County 1899
Death Flower of El Banoor - - - South Pacific "El Banoor" 1903
Man-Eating Tree of Mindanao - American Weekly Asia, Southeast Philippines Mindanao 1925