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This is the Kook Science Research Hatch, an open body of knowledge and collected materials of kook interest, as broadly defined as that may happen to be, presented in a collaborative wiki-format, available and open to one and all to enjoy. There are presently 2,537 pages available on this wiki for you to digest.

Areas of interest presently include: Fraternal & Arcane Societies & Mail-Order OccultismNew Thought & Positive ThinkingUfology‎ & Saucerology & Contacts‏‎ from Other Worlds‏‎Energy Research (Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, Dowsing and Radiesthesia, Crystal and Pyramid Power, &c.)Parapsychology & Spiritualism & Clairvoyants for Hire & GhostologyHypnology & OneirologyUnorthodox Medicine & Its Nostrums‏‎ (Patent, Eclectic, Chiropractic, Homeopathic, Electric, Electronic, Radionic, &c.)Alternative Histories (Cataclysmology, Anomalous Exhumations, Gigantology, &c.)Cryptozoology & Cryptobotany & CryptomycologyConspiratology‏‎ & Fringe Politics & Economics & PseudolegalismCiphers and Cryptology & Isopsephy & Gematria • as well as, naturally, Skeptikology & Buncoism & News Fiction

If you would like to become involved, do contact us and all the necessary arrangements shall be made.

Warm regards,
the Management.