Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler

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W. H. Schüßler
(Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler)
Born 21 August 1821(1821-08-21)
Bad Zwischenahn, Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, German Confederation
Died 30 March 1898 (76)
Oldenburg, Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, German Empire

Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler (tr. W. H. Schuessler, Schüssler; August 21, 1821 - March 30, 1898) was a German homeopath, noted for his investigations into cell salts (also known as Schüßler-Salzen, or Schuessler's salts), a group of twelve mineral salts that he proposed would cure various ailments (when prepared as homeopathic dosages) by restoring the body's natural biochemistry to a balanced state.