Wallace C. Halsey

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Wallace C. Halsey
Born 25 September 1918(1918-09-25)
Viola, Sedgwick, Kansas [1]
Died 27 March 1963 (44)
St. George, Utah — plane crash[2]
Nationality American
Affiliations Christ Brotherhood, Inc.

Wallace Carey Halsey (September 25, 1918 - March 27, 1963) was an American engineer, minister, and saucerian, the founder of Christ Brotherhood, Inc. and manufacturer of Mineralife Capsules.[3] Halsey was noted for his sleeping trance mediumship of Space Brothers and prophesies of global catastrophe, and was actively making preparations for survival of himself and his followers in underground shelters located in the mountains east of Smithfield, Utah prior to his death in a plane crash.

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