Vin Mariani

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Vin Mariani
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a.k.a. Vin Tonique Mariani a la Coca du Pérou; Mariani Wine
Creator(s) Angelo Mariani
Year created 1863
Vendors Mariani & Co.

Vin Mariani (or Vin Tonique Mariani à la Coca du Pérou; French: Mariani Tonic Wine with Peruvian Coca) was a tonic wine containing coca leaves and Bordeaux wine, formulated by Angelo Mariani in 1863. At the peak of its success, the coca wine sold some ten million bottles a year; however, this was all ended relatively abruptly, as French authorities banned coca in 1910, followed by other nations, while Mariani himself passed away in 1914, effectively ending all trade of his brand.


A chemical analysis of Vin Mariani performed by the American Medical Association, particularly using the product sold in the United States of America, found it to be a preparation of imported Bordeaux wine that was fortified by its domestic importers with coca leaves and added sugar (6%), having the effect of increasing the alcohol by volume from 10% to 16.15% and introducing 0.025% in coca alkaloids, described on the bottle as being approximately 6.5 mg. (1/10th of a grain) per bottle.[1] Whether these same levels would apply to the wine as sold in other jurisdictions is not established.




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