Angelo Mariani

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Angelo Mariani
Angelo Mariani - portrait (c. 1900).jpg

Photo portrait by Félix Tournachon (a.k.a. Nadar)

Born Ange François Mariani
17 December 1838(1838-12-17)
Pero-Casevecchie, Corsica, Kingdom of France
Died 1 April 1914 (75)
Saint-Raphaël, Var, French Republic
Nationality French
Known for Vin Tonique Mariani à la Coca du Pérou

Ange François Mariani (December 17, 1838 - April 1, 1914), commonly known as Angelo Mariani, was a French pharmacist and chemist, noted for his research into the uses of coca leaves, which led to his development of a coca wine called Vin Mariani, famed in its day for receiving the endorsements of Pope Leo XIII and various members of European royalty and the cultural elite.

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