Liebig Laboratory & Chemical Works Co.

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The Liebig Laboratory & Chemical Works Co. was a New York-based manufacturer of patent medicines, including most famously Liebig Co.'s Coca Beef Tonic, a concentrate of beef and sherry wine with coca leaf. This company is not to be confused with the Liebig Extract of Meat Co., originators of Oxo.

Liebig Co. Preparations

Business History

Based in New York, the company was situated at several locations during its existence, including:

  • 1881: 60 Maiden Ln., New York [1]
  • 1881: 21 Liberty Street, New York
  • 1882: 38 Murray Street, New York
  • 1897: 181 Pearl, New York
  • 1898: 4 Cedar, New York [2]

From 1880 through 1881, the firm of J. L. Berg & Co. (Joseph L. Berg and Joseph Bernard, also situated at 60 Maiden Lane), importers of drugs and essential oils, were the sole distributor of the Liebig preparations. After Berg & Co. went bankrupt in December 1881, the Liebig Lab. & Chem. Co. became their own distributor.


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