T. Lobsang Rampa

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T. Lobsang Rampa
T. Lobsang Rampa seated to the right of a painting depicting a Siamese cat
Born 10 April 1910(1910-04-10)
Plympton, England
Died 25 January 1981 (70)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Known for "The Third Eye" (1956)

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa (Unknown [or, April 8, 1910] - January 25, 1981) was, by his own account, a Tibetan lama and transmigrant residing in the body of Cyril Henry Hoskin, also known as Doctor Carl Kuon Suo, and the author of several autobiographical and fantastical stories about his life in Tibet and his travels through our world and universe. While many suggested his stories were highly implausible, utterly dubious, and even totally ludicrous, Tuesday Lobsang Rampa never once conceded even an inch of ground to his critics, continuing to write about his amazing adventures and his mastery of the metaphysical up until his death.

What is one to make of his claims to have spent time with the Yetis, to have gained clairvoyance by trepanation, to have lived the mad-cap life of a Bondian agent to forces unknown? If absurd, they are a testament to some creative force, and may be seen as light entertainment, just possibly containing seeds to some small enlightenment about the nature of things (or not).




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