Shaver Mystery Magazine (periodical)

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Shaver Mystery Magazine
Editor Chester S. Geir;
Richard S. Shaver
Writer(s) Richard S. Shaver
Frequency monthly
Publisher Shaver Mystery Club (Chicago); Richard S. Shaver (McHenry, Ill.); Aldebaran Press (McHenry, Ill.)
First issue 1947
Final issue 1949
Country United States
Language English

The Shaver Mystery Magazine was an American periodical, sometimes described as a fanzine, dedicated to the Shaver Mystery, which details a global conspiracy involving the psychic harassment and abduction of human victims by a sinister group of underground-dwellers known as Deros, as well as an alternative history of the world involving the lost civilisation of Lemuria. The magazine was published by the Shaver Mystery Club (and Richard Sharpe Shaver) from 1947 through 1949, and notably featured artwork by the likes of Virgil Finlay, Malcom Smith, L. G. Jones, Harold McCauley, and others, in addition to stories and drawings by Shaver himself.

Mandark (serial)

The main story, serialised across each issue of the magazine, was Mandark, the Story of the Messiah as Told in the Caves, in which Shaver imagines "Yahveh" (as in Yahweh, Jehovah) as a black alien-god in the cavern world, who, among other things, becomes enthralled to a dero princess, being routinely and extensively tortured by her. The story also relates Yahveh's ongoing telepathic interactions with Jesus Christ, a process beginning when the child was still in his mother Mary's womb.


Vol. Iss. Year Month Stories Publisher Notes
1 1 1947 April Editorial; "Life on Other Planets" (by Roger P. Graham); A Preface and Foreword to "Mandark"; "Mandark"; "Heiren's Friend, George Murman"; "Do Everything You Can Today"; "Voices in the Night"; Letters from Readers SMC -
1 2 1947 - "Mandark" SMC -
2 1 1948 - "Mandark"; "On Immensity" SMC -
2 2 1948 - "Mandark"; "The Terrible Clock"; "University Roundtable on the Shaver Mystery" SMC -
2 3 1948 - "Mandark"; "Wings in the Night"; Reply to Robert Kidwell - -
2 4 1948 - "Mandark"; Supplementary Material for Mandark - -
3 1 1949 - "Mandark"; "We, the Tero, Speak" Aldebaran Press -