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Deros (an abbreviation of Detrimental Robots) or abandonderos (portmanteau of abandoned + deros) is an appellation most often used to describe a relict population of Titans that Richard Sharpe Shaver reported inhabit the ruins of abandoned underground cities, characterised by extensive physical deformity and mental disorders caused by chronic exposure to solar disintegrant energy.[1] These beings are described as highly belligerent, sadistic agents, responsible for a global conspiracy involving the routine abduction of human beings for use as livestock for sexual and experimental purposes, and as a food source.

However, it is worth noting that the term "deros" may apply equally to human beings, as all living creatures on this planet are continuously exposed to disintegrant energy, leaving each of us with the potential to become detrimental robots over time; the abandoned Titans of the underground world have simply been longer and more routinely exposed, thanks to their utilisation of "apparatus full of dis particle accumulations,"[2] and show clearer manifestations from this exposure.

Automatic Elevators

According to Shaver, and related in broadcast by Long John Nebel,[3] the underground cities of the deros are (or were) accessible using special elevators in unspecified apartment tenements located in the cities of Providence, Rhode Island (three elevators reported), New York City, New York (one elevator), and Chicago, Illinois (one elevator). While superficially having the appearance of a typical automated elevator of the period (the 1940s-50s), these particular elevators would reputedly continue to descend if, after reaching the basement floor, a rider again pushed the button for the basement, which would either cause the elevator car to shift to the left and continue down a secondary shaft or cause the primary shaft to open into a deeper shaft.


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