Disintegrant energy

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De, Dis (Disintegrant)
Tradition(s) Shaver Mystery
Discoverer(s) Richard S. Shaver

Disintegrant energy (de, dis) is, according to the Shaver Mystery, a term for the radiation of a star that is produced through the process of nuclear fusion without sufficient carbon shielding at the solar core, generating "sun-polared" energy (as opposed to "earth-polared" energy, known as integrant energy). This "dis" form of energy is said to cause grievous biological damage to living creatures, causing them to become deros (detrimental robots).

In Shaver's account of stellar history, the sun in our planetary system has produced disintegrant energy for the past twenty-thousand years, following the loss of the carbon shell that converted dis into integrant energy. This event caused the Titans and Atlans that formerly dominated Earth (Lemuria) to abandon the planet, with only a small remnant population remaining behind, residing underground.