Long John Nebel

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Long John Nebel
Born John Zimmerman
11 June 1911(1911-06-11)
Chicago, Illinois
Died 10 May 1978 (66)
New York Sheraton Hotel, Manhattan, New York
Nationality American
Workplace(s) WOR; WNBC; WMCA
Known for Party Line (1954-62)

John "Long John" Nebel (June 11, 1911 - April 10, 1978) was an American all-night radio talk show host, notable for his Party Line broadcast on New York City's WOR (710 kHz) station from 1954 through 1962, and his Long John Nebel Show on WNBC (660 kHz) from 1962-1972 and WMCA (570 kHz) from 1972 until his passing. Nebel's format of preference was panel discussion, enabling many voices to give their input on a variety of often unusual subjects, including flying saucer contactees, time travellers, psychics and parapsychologists, prophets and doomsayers, the haunted and their investigators.

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