Psychic (periodical)

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Editor Alan Vaughan
Publisher James Grayson Bolen
First issue Jul. 1969
Final issue Feb. 1977
Succeeded by New Realities
Country United States
Language English

Psychic (subtitle: "Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe") is a 42-issue English-language periodical that was published from July 1969 through February 1977 at San Francisco, California by James Grayson Bolen with editor Alan Vaughan. The magazine covered parapsychology and "New Age" subject matter and was intended as a more serious alternative to the sensationalist tabloid style of other publications of the period, such as Ray Palmer's Search Magazine or FATE.


The magazine was succeeded by New Realities in 1977.

Vol. No. Month Year Contents
1 1 Jul. 1969 Interview w/ Jeane Dixon; Jeane Dixon's Predictions for 1969; "Parapsychology, That New Science"; "ESP in Eastern Europe and Russia" (Milan Ryzl); "Atlantis, The Problematical" (Stephan A. Schwartz); "The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull" (J. J. Lamb); "Meanwhile, Inside the Fortune Cookie" (Oscar London); Phenomena; Exchange; News Ambit; Reviews; Comments; Bibliography
1 2 Sep. 1969 Interview w/ James A. Pike; "San Francisco, the Quake That Didn't Happen" (J. J. Lamb); Profile of Elisabeth Steen; "A.R.E., Edgar Cayce's Expanding Legacy"; "California, Here We Go" (Art Hoppe); "ESP in Eastern Europe and Russia" (Milan Ryzl); "Phenomena"; Exchange; News Ambit; Reviews; Comments; Bibliography
1 3 Nov. 1969
1 4 Feb. 1970
1 5 Apr. 1970 Interview w/ Peter Hurkos; "Poltergeist Investigations in Germany" (Alan Vaughan); "The Central Premonitions Registry" (Robert D. Nelson); "Charles Fort: The Man Who Doubted" (Martin Gardner); "Photographs by the Mind" (D. Scott Rogo); Phenomena; Exchange; News Ambit; Reviews; Comments; Bibliography
1 6 Jun. 1970
2 1 Aug. 1970
2 2 Oct. 1970
2 3 Dec. 1970
2 4 Feb. 1971
2 5 Apr. 1971
2 6 Jun. 1971
3 1 Aug. 1971
3 2 Oct. 1971
3 3 Dec. 1971
3 4 Feb. 1972
3 5 Apr. 1972 Interview w/ Ambrose and Olga Worrall; "In Pursuit of the Whole at the Human Dimensions Institute" (Alan Vaughan); "Family Telepathy" (Berthold Eric Schwarz); "Kundalini: Key to Evolution?" (Gopi Krishna); "Eusapia Palladino, Medium: A Study in Paradox, Part II" (Thomas R. Tietze); "Phenomena: The Positive Effect of Prayer on Plants" (Robert N. Miller); News Ambit; Comments; Reviews; Bibliography
3 6 Jul. 1972 Interview w/ J. B. Rhine; "Acupuncture: The World's Oldest System of Medicine" (John W. White); "Dr. J. R. Worsley: A Well-Known Acupuncturist" (Rebecca Wood); "Twin Natural Telepathists" (Vincent and Margaret Gaddis); "Radiation Field Photography" (Stanley Krippner, Lelie Krippner); "The Psi Missing Cockroach: Getting the Bugs Out of the Machine" (Herbert Greenhouse); "Psi meets Science Fiction" (Thomas R. Tietze); Opinion; News Ambit; Comments; Reviews; Bibliography
4 1 Sep. 1972
4 2 Dec. 1972
4 3 Feb. 1973
4 4 Apr. 1973 Interview w/ Ingo Swann (The Editors); "Stigmata" (Richard Webb); "Noetics, the Emerging Science of Consciousness" (Edgar D. Mitchell); "Exobiology, the Study of Extraterrestrial Life" (John W. White); "Somerset Maugham's Prophetic Dream" (Wilmon Menard); "The Mystery of Rudi Schneider" (Thomas R. Tietze); "Out-of-the-Body Vision" (Janet Mitchell); "Out-of-the-Body Experiences" (D. Scott Rogo); "Phenomena" (Richard Wolkomir); Comments; Reviews; News Ambit; Bibliography
4 5 Jun. 1973
4 6 Aug. 1973
5 1 Oct. 1973
5 2 Dec. 1973
5 3 Feb. 1974
5 4 Apr. 1974
5 5 Jun. 1974
5 6 Oct. 1974
6 1 Dec. 1974 Interview w/ Al Pollard; Special Report: Top Executives Disclose ESP (The Editors); "Testing for Executive ESP" (Douglas Dean, John Mihalasky); "Kirlian Photography Revealed?" (Carolyn Dobervich); "Ten Thousand Hands" (Colin Dangaard); "Sports and ESP" (Rhea White); "Symbol of Life" (Gary Richardson); "The Fraudulent Experimenter" (Alan Vaughan); News Ambit; Comments; Reviews; Bibliography
6 2 Jun. 1975
6 3 Aug. 1975
6 4 Oct. 1975 Interview w/ Milbourne Christopher; "Finding It By Dowsing" (Christopher Bird); "The Skeptics" (Saul-Paul Sirag); "Psychic Archaeology" (J. N. Emerson); "Dreaming the Future" (D. Scott Rogo); "Superwomen of the Supernatural" (Antoinette May); "Synchronicity, Part III" (Alan Vaughan); Profile of Paul Crockett (Gary Richardson); Viewpoint; News Ambit; Reviews; Comments; Bibliography
6 5 Dec. 1975
6 6 Feb. 1976
7 1 Apr. 1976 Interview with R. C. "Doc" Anderson (James Bolen); Profile of Milan Ryzl, Ph.D. (Steve and Linda Blumenthal); "ESP Training" (Charles Tart, Robert Neubert); "Psychic Evolution and You" (David Hammond, David Brown); "In Search of a Miracle: The Riddle of Kathryn Kuhlman" (Antoinette May); "Frontiers of Psychic Development" (Jeffrey Mishlove); "Developing ESP Through Hypnosis" (Mark Turck); "Psychic Science Fiction, Part II." (Alan Vaughan)
7 2 Jun. 1976
7 3 Aug. 1976
7 4 Oct. 1976
7 5 Dec. 1976
7 6 Feb. 1977