Pana-Wave Denpa Kenkyuujo

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Pana-Wave Electromagnetic Wave Research Center
Formation c. 1990s
Purpose/focus Scalar electromagnetic wave research and defence
Headquarters Shibuya, Tokyo
Founder Yuko Chino
Representative Keiichi Hasegawa

Pana-Wave Denpa Kenkyuujo (Japanese: パナウェーブ研究所, Pana-Wave Electromagnetic Wave Research Center, oft simply called Pana-Wave Laboratory) is (or was) a research institute, founded by Yuko Chino (1934-2006) as a scientific division of Chino Shoho, dedicated to the study of scalar waves, focusing on their impact to the environment and human beings, and how to defend against electromagnetic wave warfare. Members were noted for their highly-conspicuous white uniforms, including long-sleeved lab coats, pants or cover-alls, hoods, high boots, and face masks, earning them the nickname 白装束集団 (shiroshōzoku shūdan, white costume group) in the Japanese press; Pana-Wave asserted that these white uniforms were effective as protection against scalar waves.

Scalar Waves

According to Pana-Wave's former website,,[i] the group traced the origins of "scalar electromagnetic waves" first to the research of Nikola Tesla, and from there to the Soviet Union, where study of Tesla waves was said to have continued for the purposes of mind control, before finally being passed to leftist conspirators who have continued in the post-Soviet era to use and develop the technology, including implementation via power transmission lines.

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