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The Perfected Oxygenor King (or simply Oxygenor) is a gas-pipe device, originally manufactured and sold by James H. Mahler's Oxygenor Co. of Chicago, Illinois from the 1890s into the early twentieth-century. According to the advertising copy, it is "a scientifically constructed instrument capable of curing all curable diseases without drugs, employing only the oxygen in the air," described as consisting of "a metal cylinder, especially charged with a delicately adjusted but permanent combination of rare and costly metals, chemical agents and conductive elements," allowing it to act as an electrical generator. American Medical Association chemists in 1914 found the contents to be iron, brass, lead, sulphur, sand, and charcoal, the sulphur and sand being 97% of the total volume.[A]

For his part, Hercules Sanche, inventor of the Oxydonor and Electropoise, brought several lawsuits against Mahler and Oxygenor Co. over their imitation of Sanche's own products, including patent and trademark suits.