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Oxydonor "Victory"
Medical Claims "Thermo-electric induction" will "polarise" the body, attracting oxygen, to cure what ails
Creator(s) Hercules Sanche

The Oxydonor "Victory" (or simply Oxydonor) is a gas-pipe device, originally manufactured and sold by Hercules Sanche from the late nineteenth century into the early twentieth. The device was marketed as an instrument for oxygen therapy, promising to make the wearer "oxygen positive" through a process described as "thermo-electric induction" or diaduction that would "polarise" the body, and is essentially the same product as Sanche's Electropoise, albeit shorter in length and containing a quantity of carbon.

Selected Publications

  • Sanche, Hercules (1895), Law of Physiological Combustion Upon which Organic Health Vigor, and Rapid Reanimation of Debilitate and Diseased Organism depend, and Diaductive Cure of Disease... Direction: How to Effect a Diaductive Cure of Disease through the use of Oxydonor 'Victory' 

Press Coverage

  • Wiley, Harvey W. (February 1914). "The Apotheosis of the Inert: An Interesting Tale of Fakes and Fakery in Revealing the Magic Virtues of the Oxydonor". Good Housekeeping Magazine 58: p. 247-253.