Order of Chylena and Ethiopia

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The Order of Chylena and Ethiopia

Flag of the Order
Formation 1879
Headquarters Philadelphia, PA
- Albert Staley

The Order of Chylena and Ethiopia was a religious society, organised by Albert Staley at Philadephia, Pennsylvania in 1879 for the purpose of teaching a "Philosophy of Universal Life" in accordance with a Spiritualist-Rosicrucian-Masonic framework involving the "lost word of the temple," the "(Eye) Am," Ethiopia "the Bride," and Chylena "the Redeemer."[1]



  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (April 1905), The Order of Chylena, "Arcane Societies in the United States", Historic Magazine and Notes and Queries 23 (4): 88,;view=1up;seq=106, retrieved 2016-05-09, "This Order was founded by Albert Staley, in Philadelphia, Penn. in 1879. The manual is called "The Standard United States Guide," bound in a thin duodecimo. The Order has Five Points of Fellowship, given from the true E Pluribus Unum Point. Its flag bears the legend, "Evangel" and "Evangeline" in six-pointed stars. "Philosophy of Universal Life" appears to the chief fundamental tenet, and the lost word of the temple as an element. Ethiopia, she is the bride; Chylena, he is the redeemer. The "I-Am" seems to be the ◎. "You see this sacred heart; the outline shows you that I," says Chylena."