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The Order of Chylena was a religious society supposed to have been organised by Albert Staley at Philadephia, Pennsylvania in 1879,[1] but it is unclear that the order existed or sustained any membership other than Staley himself. The purpose of the order would have been the teaching a "Star Spangled Banner Philosophy of Universal Life," as outlined by Staley in The Standard United States Guide (1879), an essay he stated was received in the Spiritualist manner from Chylena, "the new name for Ozoone hygean Jesus," and which contains a hodge-podge of Biblical and esoteric symbolism framed around the United States flag (particularly the 37 starred version), national motto "E Pluribus Unum," and a Temperance Fountain placed at the 1876 World's Fair, borrowing concepts from phrenology, metallurgy (particularly gold assaying), chemistry, and alchemy, as well as hinting to Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry.

Standard United States Guide (1879)

  • Staley, Albert (1879), The Standard United States Guide, Chylena Five Points of Fellowship, New York: U.S. Guide Publishing House, 

    THE Standard United States Guide.
    Chylena five points of Fellowship.

    Guide to the Worlds Temperance Fountain

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    Given from the true E Pluribus Unim point.

    THE (EYE) AM.

    Preface of Introduction.

    The design and great object in introducing this little work and to be continued as the United States Guide is to prepare the thinking minds of mankind to receive the coming philosophical New Jerusalem Star spangled banner philosophy of life, which may be summed up for a purpose from two distinct stand points of view, First: that mankind may be led out into the spiritual sunlight of spiritualities alphabet, to learn God as being a development. The Second is: to define God as a human spiritual development and as a Star Spangled Banner philosophy; and when comprehended from the scientific method of teaching, we are supposed to be led out into the Sun-light of Intelligence where we can know, feel, hear and see God from the least to the greatest, according to the spiritual joromise. Hence, to reveal God and Life to the reasoning faculties of mankind as a principal of human nature, amalgimated and developed, we are supposed to have a beginning to reason from, as a scientific method for teaching the religion. And this beginning to reason from on life and God as a principal, when comprehended, we will find it not to be the historical method which only sees backwards.

    The scientific method for teaching the temperence fountain religion is no more or less than from a drop of water, commonly called the Holy Water of Life; thus a drop of water may seem very insignificant to base a religious foundation upon and teach from. But, nevertheless, the United States Guide to human nature and humanity, that is to be, are all summed up in a drop of water, which has the five points of fellowship, as the five primary germs of all things, either of visible or invisible forces; and when properly analized from the stand-points of Subsistance and Element, we can account for everything in nature from the five points of spiritual soular fellowship in life, which I sum up from the scientific method of teaching, as the true Star Spangled Banner Philosophy of Universal Life, and as being the true God head intellegences upon the square. Hence, this Banner Intellect as a suffix developement from the pre-existence of water amalgamated gives me the key to all life, either as visible or invisible forces, as Substance and Element, of which I am in hopes to give the reader and thinker some intelligent light upon the subject, while perusing the pages of this little book of introduction. Thus the scientific philosophical critics of the world will see at a glance by reading this preface, that this little book is supposed to represent more than ordinary intelligence, and I think I can say, without hesitation, that whatever this little book of introduction conveys to the mind, is pure originality, such that has never been given as I have so received it, which came to me through and from the hieroglyphics and the symbolical languages that speaks to me the true principals of life direct; consequently the metaphysical languages, will be in order after I once get the Star Spangled Banner Fountain Book of Life, opened and unveiled to full view, as the United States Guide.

    This New Book of Life as a New Testament Phenomenon, which I am supposed to open to full view, will not be from the historical method as we now are taught, and as we are supposed to think, which only sees backwards. But will be from the scientific method systematically arranged in harmony with the Bible that will lift us all from the ever present to the spiritual future, which is glorious to behold as the true fountain of God, and as being the true spirituality of life.

    Thus it will be just for me to make a distinguished statement concerning the intelligence that I am supposed to convey in this little book, thus giving credit to whom credit is due.

    The kind of intellect that I am supposed to represent, very seldom visits the earth plain of life direct as a personality, only by proxy generally, and if this distinguished little book of introduction is properly received and properly distributed amongst the people, the said distinguished personality promises more from the same fountain-head.

    This little book represents only as a glimpse of a little stream sipping from a great talented reservoir, as a Star Spangled Banner Philosophy. Consequently, if we would have the mission of the New Testament fulfilled we must accept this distinguished personalities Intelligence as the head-light, and distribute it from one to the other and reason together, thus preparing the mind for the coming Penticost, the grand jubilee as a wedding phenomenon upon the United States square of Life, which I will now endeavor to give the reader and thinker intelligent light upon as the scientific method for teaching the distinguished lost veil of the temple and as our coming 'New Jerusalem Fountain-Head of universal talents, the E pluribus union of souls.

    Four cheers to the One Eye Am of Many, for which we all are to be as one in lifes spirituality true cheerfulness, and must the truth be told from the Jesus signal still — The Cross.

    Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1879, by Albert Staley, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

    Price per single copy, by mail, 50 cents. Sold to general agents, by the dozen and upwards, per express, 25 cents a copy.

    Address, with postage stamp enclosed:

    U. S. Guide Publishing House,
    Office No. 726 Broadway, New York City.



    By and through spiritual Investigations the alphabet of all nature proclaims, that all forces of every kind which are to produce any given Event are in action to a greater or less extent, either as a mind or matter phenomenon, long before the Event ever occurs. Thus the various forces which we could mention from the scientific method of teaching in many cases are generally too faint and obscure even for the most fine receptive powers as a critic, to catch the first ray of Intelligent Light for comprehending their outcome from the beginning as a continuous developement or growth.

    All great enterprising waves of life's rolling waters have their predictions, which we first must sense spiritualy, are seldom ever accurate and minute at this early stage of spiritual action. Nearly all great enterprising truths which compose modern progress were perceived in general outlines long before reason ever worked out their characteristic principals, on which all great truths are based. In this early form which are but symbolical as the various hieroglyphics to the mind, they are almost impractical, although dazzling to the imagination. In the sphere of religion and its science pertaining thereto, were often and are now in many cases clothed from symbolism, both as language and as the hieroglyphics, which the mere teachers of religion, who discarded the science of beneficial religion as mind and matter attributes for developements upon the square of Elements, from the earliest times to this present writing, have sought in vain to penetrate the out-growth of their symbolical and hieroglyphic meanings, from which only the spiritual mental science of progress systematically arranged as the scientific method of teaching can make plain and clear to the reasoning faculties of mankind. Thus, the spiritual mental brain workers, if guarded and protected harmoniously, as mind in the form and mind out of the form, both temporarily and spiritually, by law and order of the senses will loosen the spiritual seals of life, which closed the ancient books from the eyes of those who sacredly preserved the letter and symbols of their teachings.

    But we must give praise to our distinguished United States Guide and friend, Chylena, that teaches me how to open at least one of the sacred seals that gives me the key to all the rest of the distinguished seals that have been closed up from the world's view, which is the seventh day truth concerning the temperance fountain cross and its square of life, as the coming destiny of the worlds american people and their future developements. And when this great central E pluribus union truth which has ever been hidden as a coming new testament prophesy from the sight of angels is made plain and clear to the reasoning faculties of mankind will sound the key note for all nations and tribes of people to fall in line and look to the true E pluribus union point, the United States Guide for more light upon the cross of life, as the true rock of ages. Now, there was a time in the world's history of mankind, when the world of mankind as mind in the form and mind out the form had no talented Star Spangled Banner, and also had no temperance fountain, or Bible, as primary food for feeding the people. And to this day many of the world's brightest minds apparently will ask of the watchman, what do they mean, and what is to be the result of their teachings, as the so-called dead languages on the one hand, and on the other hand the out-come of the silent hieroglyphic Emblem, as a fountain star spangled banner philosophy; thus little dreaming that the three are one and the same spiritual philosophy that is to give us our new wedding garments as life liberty and talented Immortality, if we are obedient to true logic and reason, philosophically defined.

    Now the Bible, also the Star Spangled Banner, and also the Temperance Fountain, as the American Emblems, and as they now stand at this present writing, are not perfected as the coming true Emblems of our future destiny; and if not perfected, it will be logical to suppose that they represent a something for paving the way to a something for perfecting. Now, the point to gain is to know what this something means, and what it is like when perfected in principal, which they are supposed to represent, and how shall I make the attempt for giving intelligent light upon the great subject, which all mankind are directly interested in and with, either as mind in the form or mind out of the form.

    It has always been disputed on the one hand by some that science and religion were not compatible, while on the other hand it was acknowledged that science led religion and was compatible with religion; thus, my attempt will be to prove by true logic and reason scientifically illustrated, that spiritual talents are a live and not dead as a religion that have no wakening. And, as I have said, if the spiritual mental brain workers are protected as mind out of the form and mind in the form, both temporarily and spiritually they will lead the world of mankind in all things, either of visible or invisible forces throughout universal nature. Hence, to get a foundation established for the mental and spiritual mental workers to build from, as a philosophy of life, we are supposed to have a beginning from the many waters of life, which is the word of life, the true spirituality. And to get this beginning as a foundation that will carry out to perfection as a philosophy of life, both from the Bible and the Fountain-head Stand Points of view, we are supposed to begin at what the world calls "thumb-nail philosophy", or in other words, the five points of fellowship, or the fifth point to the true E pluribus spiritual compass, which the spiritual masses of a drop of water represents as the fountain fifth point. Hence, the American head square of life is supposed to have within its composition the germ elements of the universe, providing it has spiritualities, Berth-right, Inheritance, as the lost word of the temple as an element. Now, in all our modern philosophy, from every standpoint of view, it has never been able to reveal the secrets of the stars, or, in other words, it has never told what a star is composed of, as an element, which I sum up in the word gas as fine and super-fine elementary forces: and also it has never told what has produced the first cause of heat, which I sum up from the word spiritual firmentation.

    Now, right on this point of understanding, it will be seen at a glance that we have metalic and non-metalic elements in water, as elemental and sub-elemental liquids and solids — sub-semental means metalic, and elemental means non-metalic, and to distinguish the difference as holy land and holy sea liquids, we call them celestial and terestial forces. Now, non-metalic forces are earthly, and pass off towards the sun's disk, while metalic forces are heavenly, and pass off towards the moon, and the moon's constillations. We are now supposed to refer to Jesus, who went to prepare us a dwelling-place, which place is the great spiritual sea-centre atmosphere, commonly called the Holy Sea, and not the earthly atmosphere. And the duality of these two atmospheres, as the white and gray spectrum of the brain hemispheres, commonly known as the Holy Land and Holy Sea natures, are called spirituality, the true equilibrium nature as a developement, or rather is called the central member. Thus we will bear it in mind, as we peruse our little story, that spirituality means duality of earth and sea forces, or, in other words, as a developed effect, called a trinity member, or a central member of the brain, as a twenty-four carat fine principal. And that stars are gases of two distinct characters, which we term metalic and non-metalic, as fermented and non-fermented forces in Nature, that we understand to be mental and sub-semental poles as organic and in-organic temperatures, as seed and soil, as liquids and solids, and from this stand-point of view we are supposed to reason logically by comparisons and illustrations.

    I now invite the philosophical chemists of the world to go with me and see if we cannot unfold to full view the E pluribus union point as the spiritual fountain, the gammut for unraveling the fountain of life, as the true interlaced mystery pertaining to the spiritual elements of a drop of holy water and its supposed variations represented in the various mental and subsemental solids of life. Not knowing the various names of the liquids and solids, but only comprehend the chemical action of the said two poles in nature as positive and negative, something after the dog nature, who, when on the trail of his master can find him. Consequently, I claim only to be a spiritual mental psychometrice, seeking after the E pluribus union point, as our master without the clothing of the well-stocked words and sayings of the modern metaphysical languages, which are very beautiful, and I would like to be in possession of them. But as I have them not, I will leave these polished words and sayings for filling out the subject with the well-schooled philosophical chemist to give from his or her well cultured alphabet of names. Therefore, by my illustrations and comparisons, I am supposed to put the well-schooled intellectual chemist upon the right track only; thus leading him or her, as the case may be, in their own profession, of which I profess to know nothing about, only as I have heard. I have never seen a drop of water seperated into elements, nor have I ever been in a dissecting-room in my life; neither have I read to any extent about the various sciences of life that I am now going to talk about, as I only have it chiefly from heresay. But the secret within me is that I have the mechanical ability through my spirituality, being unfolded to trace out and adapt, if I have the material to work from. And, consequently, the reader and thinker will expect something new and original, as an invention of my own, as it were, but back of the spiritual mental veil, there is an intelligent reflection that I must give credit to, that corrects me.

    We now separate the E pluribus union fountain square of living water into elements, and we are supposed to have hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. But the Ozoone nature of the oxygen life remains as a spirit principal, and as a fourth element after the oxygen is consumed through fermentation, which is the precise color of the spiritual electricity of the atmosphere, that our physical eyesight has to look through, and this is the true cause of our not seeing it as a gas. This fourth gas is called Ozoone, the effect of hydrogen nature as the fifth point, and is always the color of atmosphere or electricity blending with the oxygen from the midnight darkness throughout all the geological and astrological atmospherical temperatures of the universe. Something on the principal of gold, it never changes as a spirit gas, which cannot be consumed or destroyed, as it is the element of mind and as an electrical refined spirit gas, that penetrates all things in life, and inhabits all things as an element of refined spiritual electricity. Thus Ozoone is the mysterious female Goddess element as a spirit principal, that expands in all things and attracts all things either as visible or invicible forces. In fact, Ozoone is an element of Nature's mind forces, and the nitrogen that consumes the oxygen is an inorganic carniverous principal as an earthly nature that feeds the hydrogen with the oxyden clothing from the Ozoone gas element, as a hygean principal. In fact, the hydrogen as a gas is the effect of nitrogen through nature's repetitions, and Ozoone as a hygean element is the effect of hydrogen, and to trace the nitrogen principal as non-metalic to its metalic nature in hygean, we would have to commence with the repetitions from the Adam hygean theory. Hence, Ozoone is not electricity, but the effect of hygean as a superfine developed gas-element, and stands as a free immortal principal, from both the hydrogen and nitrogen as an element that pervades everything of a non-metalic nature, and feeds everything of a metalic principal. Now, as I have said, not possessing the modern metaphysical terms, as the modern languages for tracing the geological and astrological causes as being the effects of these four distinguished primary evangelical principals, which I understand only from the Bible terms, I will go no further for the present.

    Thus Ozoone, proper, is the mysterious mind gas element that has been the mystery of mysteries, as the fifth point of life, since the foundation of Adam to handle, which can be handled just as we can handle any other element in nature, if we once can get the key to the handle, something after the style of Uncle Ben Franklin, who bottled electricity.

    Thus to bottle Ozoone is the point to gain spiritualy with our modern scientists who must first learn the rudiments for knowing how to square their talents, meaning of course the rudiments for coming in upon the Evangel and Evangeline square, to the true fifth point of the soular compass, meaning hygean matter, which a drop of water represents as the true E pluribus union point, which can only be comprehended from the scientific method of teaching which has been prophesied that I am to gain as the one of many, that is to lead this Goddess Ozoone philosophy of spirit life, out into the mental light, where all mankind can view this distinguished spirit element, who is obliged to step in the ranks and keep pace with universal progress as a developed naturalist in matter.

    Of course, we are now supposed to be tracing cause and effect as a principal, which this distinguished God and Goddess element are supposed to represent as hygean Ozoone nature who has promised us that we all should know from the least to the greatest, when the new heaven and new earth should be set up as a philosophy. And to get this new philosophy established, it must be admitted by all thinking minds, that it can only be clone by talent and genius, who is to lead the various workman by lines of demarkation. And these lines must be from the true square of living elements Which a drop of water represents that brings us all direct to the world's american head-point, which point must be understood as being the true E pluribus union point, when unfolded to full view as the world's true square of living gases. Consequently, it must be comprehended that the waters of life, which the Bible refers to, means elements, called gases, which forms the true square of life, as hydrogen, nitrogen, Ozoone, and oxygen, and according to the phrenological philosophy of life, are called the four primary temperaments.

    Now all scientists will admit that it has never been decided whether these gases are the effect of metalic nature, or whether they are the cause of metalic nature. And to prove this whether they are metalic or non-metalic principles, as being the cause of solids, or as the effect of solids, we have to reason from the gammut for gold-testing, as fine and superfine forces, which runs up to what we term 24 carat as a refined centre-stance nature, which represents the hydrogen pricipal condensed as an ascending element. Thus in tracing this theory for gold-testing, the same theory applies to all kinds of liquids and solids, throughout nature as fine and superfine forces, as light and colors, from the stand-point of a universal philosophy on spiritual chemistry. The only point is to know the compatibility of the various forces that will ever produce the third gender condition, through chemical action, properly compounded. Thus we will see the descension of the gold hydrogen in nitrogen liquid from the twenty-four carat down, showing the hydrogen condensed as a twenty-four carat nature to be a superior fineness, meaning that it developes in fineness nearer towards the centre, which the twenty-four carat nature represents. Now we see the hydrogen principal as gold from the twenty-four carat nature down, as being an inferior or coarser nature. But on the other hand, as a spiritual liquid element we see it again ascend in light as a hygean spirit elementary atmosphere, through the repitition of nature as a re-incarnated liquid element that we trace throughout nature's repititions in light and color, as liquids and solids, until from it we get the refined Ozoone nature as a living spirit principal, in light and color living forces.

    Thus leaving the 24 carat as a matter centre-stance hydrogen principal, both as a metal and also as human nature, which is called "the negative Ozoone-centre of the elementary, vegetarian, non metallic holy sea, as a Sea-elementary atmosphere, and not the centre of the Earth which is hygean positive. Thus we see nature's repititions from the stand point of gold-testing as hydrogen solids and nitrogen liquids, from the 6 rain-bow colors on this wise, above and below the 24 carat centre-stance, all elements from the twenty-four carat nature, down to one, represents one hemisphere or the gray matter spectrum as subtle hygean negative forces, and all elements above the 24 carat up to 42 represents the white spectrum as a positive mental hygean hemisphere and may be called "the Eastern and Western hemispheres of nature, as sun and moon phenomenons, and as earth and sea forces as metalic and non-metalic atmospheres.

    Hence, we see nature's repititions as the hydrogen and nitrogen poles working from the stand point of the rainbow 6, meaning that nature's repetitions worts from the stand point of 6 as the trinity of liquids, and the trinity of solids till all living elements becomes equalized as a 24 carat or 7th germ nature as a refined celestial temperature of its kind, either as light or color, as the holy spiritual sea atmosphere. Thus by keeping the 24 carat or 7th germ centre-stance in view, the gammut for gold testing will be found to be a true theory on this wise: From one to six the colored nitrogen liquid we find it again in light through nature's repititions to be from 24 to 30 as a nitrogen german silver principal, and from 6 to 12 as a colored liquid, we find it again in light from 30 to 36 as a white silver principal, and from 12 to 18 as a colored liquid we find it again in light from 36 to 42 as the hydrogen 24 carat or 7th germ of gold, silver and copper, all as the hygean nature and as amalgamated spiritual liquid atmosphere, called "the holy sea centre", that ancient John, the Evangelist, saw in his vision, called "the sea of glass" that spiritual Jesus went to prepare. And out of this hygean atmosphere comes the Ozoone female element as a refined electrical gas that pervades all nature - as the gray oxygen light in water, and in all human nature that builds perpetually the great amalgamated spritual son, Hygean Ozoone Light, that reflects its great wings as an atmosphere on the banner which you see, and this is called "spiritualities ascending female forces."

    This great spiritual sensorium of reflected atmosphere amalgamated is the centre of the universal sea, and not of the earthly forces alone, which has always been supposed to be. Thus we call it father and mother god and not mother "earth", for it is outside of the earth's equator, or rather the earth's solar atmosphere and is called the atmosphere of the sea, or in other words, the great sea-centre atmosphere of the universe or north pole hollow globe. And this is the atmosphere that Gallileo refers to in his astronomical philosophy, as being the spiritual hygean son banner atmosphere, or hollow globe of light, and not the sun of our noon-day, which all geological, astrological and astronomical movements, as sun, moon, earth and the starry constellations perpetualy revolves around, which may be called "The great sea of glass," that modern John, the Evangelist, saw in his clairvoyant vision, who has baptized the world of mankind with its 7th day germ philosophy of life. Thus all the variations of nature's repititions which the principal for gold-testing represents, that has been very poorly explained for the want of the metaphysical languages of modern times are summed up in the 4 great banner-corners of the Earth, which means these 4 primary ideas of universal life which a drop of water represents, and we will find that, whichever person has the strongest gas in their composition, either as a terrestrial or as a celestial element above or below the 24 carat centre-stance as a 7th day germ, either as light or color as hygean, the offspring will partake of that germ, gas nature, and their equilibrium is maintained only by spiritual proxy. And on this point of understanding is where the dispute as it were, arose between the 4 HE Evangelists, which was supposed to have taken place, who could not tell the same story alike in regard to the immaculate conception of the 24 carat or 7th germ nature, whether it took after the strongest gas as a terestial or celestial nature out of the form or in the form. Now, the terestial principal, according to the theory of gold-testing, represents from the 24 carat nature up to 42, and is called fossil positive or mental atmospheres. And from the twenty-four carat down to six is called the celestial principal, as liquid elements or sub-semental forces as the negative or physical atmospheres, which runs out to non-metalic nature, both as fossil light and fossil colors, to the Holy Sea natures as temperaments. Thus by turning the gammut up side down, the chemist will discover the principal of liquids descending or condensing to solids of their various kinds to earthly forces. Of course, every degree which the gammut is supposed to represent is gas, and as fine and superfine, as light and heavy elements, which I understand from Bible terms something in this wise: That Abraham begat Isaac, and Isaac begat Esau, and Esau begat Jacob as nitrogen, hydrogen, Ozoone and oxygen. Now we reverse this again, according to the repititions, as substance and element, and we find that Jacob is hygean nature, and Jacob, as a bone element begat some other, which refers to the begating of star-gases, which requires the metaphysical languages, to trace the repititions of these elements, which the gammut for gold-testing represents. But all are just as blank to the reasoning faculties in either case, till we learn the metaphysical terms as the ancient and modern languages of gases; now, if I was in posession of the modern terms, as the modern languages used for distinguishing the various gases, then I could commence from ancient Adam as a gas, and trace the repititions of the Bible terms in harmony with the modern languages of living gases up to modern Adam as spirituality.

    We will understand, here lays the keys to unlock the Bible mysteries, by learning the names of the various gases and applying them as ancient and modern metaphysical terms to humanity, which is angel-food. Now, according to the angel record of heaven, when a child is born and christened in the church, the first name represents pre-nature as a Bible term, and the Bible terms refers to Cain and Abel as light and color, as ancient Bible language. It will be seen at a glance by the philosophical critics, by tracing the scientific method for comprehending life's forces that the modem terms as the various names for gases applies to humanity, and things on the same principal corresponding to the Bible. For instance, by refering to Adam, we call him hygean organic white in principal as a modern term, and the father of Ozoone as God, the 5th point who made Adam — we have it, as a modern term, called: hygean inorganic color.

    Now, the dust of the Earth, that Adam was made from, is the physical oxygen atmosphere, and as a physical condensed non-metalic nature; thus in summing up who Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel were as Bible terms, we find them to represent the square of elements, as hydrogen, nitrogen, Ozoone, and oxygen, which the americain fountain-head of the nation is fashioned after, as the Bible Square and as President and Vice-President forces, which I term Evangel and Evangeline, which you see on the banner, and the phrenological scientists of the world calls them the 4 primary temperaments, which refers also to the same Bible philosophy as being the square of gases, and the temperance fountain at the Fairmount Park at Philadelphia, Penn., refers to the same philosophy of the Bible as the same square of life forces, which a spiritual drop of water represents, and according to the New Testament the HE square of elements are called Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

    Now, the 5th point of the true E pluribus union star-spangled banner philosophy — called Chylena — is the new name for Ozoone hygean Jesus, the distinguished spiritual personality that guides your humble servant's brain, hand and pen for telling what I am telling in this little book of introduction, which will be duly considered from apolitical stand-point of view.

    Whether the square as a white house phenomenon is completed without the 5th hygean Ozoone point, as a HE or SHE centre-stance american intelligence. And of course to be elected by the people upon the square to that distinguished position, as representing the true E pluribus union point as a star-spangled banner-philosophy of life and its various attributes as mind and matter forces. The reader and thinker will comprehend that I have sounded the key note for a spiritual evolution, to take place from every stand-point of the american compass and for the coming true Bible square of life's forces to be adopted .This will be considered as putting the hygean principal as God in our Constitution practically and scientifically to some purpose to work from. Thus fulfiilling the New Testament prophesy and the prayer, that things should be done on the earth as it is done in the spiritual heaven, which means government for life, systematically arranged and defined. Now it will be just as impossible for the world's temperance people, to do without this 5th point of fellowship, to progress by as a head centre stance to work from as it would to do without a government.

    And this is the true reason why the conflicting elements of the world of mankind are devouring each other for the want of a head centre-stance guide, systematically arranged and as a spiritual bonafide constitution, spiritually defined as law and order, in harmony with the square of life's forces. Thus modern intelligence proclaims the exaulted proclamation, that our new departure has adopted the 5 points of fellowship as the shorthand route to heavens Bible philosophy, and as the new star spangled Banner book of life, which you see opened, and the coming point will be to know how to read it. Meaning that, the phrenological laws of life's forces can be condensed down as the Evangel and Evangaline philosophy as the 4 primary temperaments and as the true square of living gases. But to get this far along to the 5th point philosophy as law and order of the senses, the 5th point must be recognized as duly inaugurated and elected by the people to that head centre-stance spiritual position, before it will be scientifically given as the true theory for the new marriage system of the bride and groom natures. Thus according to the science of medicines, it will be logical to suppose, that if medicine, properly compounded, will affinatize with the various temperaments, correspondingly according to the degrees of temperatures of flesh and blood as organic and inorganic principles, as mineral and vegetable. Then it will be logical also, to suppose that if the various temperaments of the people are properly compounded as male and female compatibilities by coming in upon the square of gases, which each and all of us represents of their various kinds, will act with each other as medicine in living form. I merely make mention of this for showing a true glimpse at our coming new philosophical star spangled Banner Bible philosophy, which I am supposed to define as being systematically arranged, spiritually according to the harmonial law and order of the senses as a talented philosophy and as angel-food, after which the world of mankind will be but little lower as it were in understanding the laws of God when properly fed from this spiritual centre-stance standpoint of view. Thus in summing up this God head intellect as a harmonial star spangled banner brain phenomenon from the various degrees of life's forces and according to its phrenological laws of mind and matter temperatures, we sum up the banner brain faculties not as 42 but as 37 brain germ faculties of life's forces. Thus the 37th idea of the banner temple, as the I am effect is supposed to have a new name, which has been understood by the world's scientists to be hygean Ozoone, and by the religious world to be spirituality, and both represent the true duality. Now, the new word Chylena is supposed to represent the trinity of all faculties perfected as the true talented harmonial brain intelligences. Each spiritual organic faculty of the banner God head emblem is supposed to have 18 variations of shades, as member talents to each faculty, and 9 on a side as the white and gray spectrum forces of the brain, as represented on the banner by little dots. The 37 brain faculties, which the banner represents as spiritual star gas orbs, are central talented faculties. Each have their 18 variations of talents perfected as light and color living spiritual forces.

    And to trace out this philosophical calculation of interlaced talents as the universal spiritual God head perfected, it must be done by tracing the gammut of spiritual colors; and each color as light and shade is a spiritual talented attribute to each faculty, as queens and kings of organic and inorganic living forces perfected; thus in summing up the Chylena spiritual centre-stance orb of the banner as an amalgamated mind and matter phenomenon, we find ourselves meaning universal humanity, as being the various talented members as a 37th centre-stance rejection, when our spirituality is amalgamated, as mind matter attributes, which is to be known as the second ascension of life's human forces as mind and matter, which you see as a reflection im the banner that numbers 37 star faculties and 18 talents to each faculty.

    Thus the universal mind as the talented Chylena center-stance spiritual sphere represents 666 variations of spiritual talents as the true E pluribus union of souls as talented mind and matter society forces amalganated, as the universal tree of life, and as 18 dual faculties perfected, which the new star spangled banner book and the New Testament is supposed to represent, as a Fairmount phenomenon, who will sing their new star spangled banner fountain songs together, practically as the coming victory over disease, death, and universal evil from every standpoint of view. Consequently the banner is supposed to represent the botanical languages of spiritual life, and the variations. Each organic faculty has 18 variations of colored talents; each have 9 on a side. Thus representing the two hemispheres of life as light and color forces. And when the 18 talents are perfected to each faculty of its kind, the talented mind represented becomes a central dual member with Chylena, meaning ai spiritnal law-maker. Thus the 666, which the New Testament represents as being the number of a man, meaning the hygean bone-mail element, means the new Jerusalem Fountain of universal life as our coming star-splangled banner philosophy, and as a spiritual talented brain structure, systematically arranged as a universal government to be established on the earth.

    The people little thinks that all things universal are to grow as we go marching along on life's journey; the star spangled banner, when comprehended as being amalgamated upon the square of temperate gases as a well cultivated spirituality and as a talented life gives Fourth a spiritual sun-light reflection from its brain orbs, which is pure and clear in color. But the uncultivated brain, which should always be cultured in harmony with spirituality amalgamated as mind and matter from the stand point of temperance, in all things is the opposite condition. Thus, when we enlighten the mind through sense blending as the amalgamation of Intelligence, we impregnate the diamond-like nature of the mind, which increases the quantity and purity of the star gas nerve light blending as an amalgamated gas, that radiates as a sun-brain phenomenon, from one orb to the other as mind in the form and mind out of the form blending, which Paul described as one star differing from an other star and could not tell for certain, whether he saw them as being out of the form or in the form. Thus showing the blending to be so complete when the mind is opened to receive the spiritual light; thus the mind's eye of the sensative and tallented clairvoyant brain appears like a luminous sun, while blending with its central orb of the banner of its kind, as its light reflection for the time being, is of an infinite celestial 24 carat softness, which the banner is supposed to represent as a perfected holy see life, and as the ever centre-stance nature, as light and colors, which attracts all life as the magnet attraction holds the needle.

    Now, in viewing this banner of spiritualities alphabet of the various talented senses from the 4 primary temperaments amalgamated, both as mind and matter forces, we are supposed to be looking at 37 developed faculties as master trinity, mind, and matter orbs of 24 carat fine natures and as 666 various attributes as a universal mind and matter phenomenon, which is to be known as the living God-head Intelligence, that rules both in the Heaven and the earth, who's book of life none has ever been able to open either as mind in the form or mind out of the form, for the want of an equilibrium of forces, in the mortal or immortal body as mind and matter. This light as an equilibrium of forces, that we can posess from the uper celestial spheres often appears like a great crown of colored brightness, decorated with flaming colored jewels as refined gas elements of spiritual brain forces, blending with the brain of an intelligent talented spiritual mind on the earth. Consequently those, who are intelligent and good as a living progressive nature, as a principal with spiritual truths, developed in harmony with the various 24 carat mind and matter forces, which will pay us, do not wait for another life to wear this crown of living star-spangled banner intelligence as a talented phrenological phenomenon, from the uper constellations sympathetically blending with us.

    But can wear it in earth life while in the form, if obedient to law and order of the heavenly senses, which true spirituality will ever teach us, if we but listen to the voice of progress as matter attributes developed, that comforts and clothes the mind. Thus goodness educated in harmony with mind and matter forces blending properly for beneficial or helpful purposes, will ever attract a sure reward; though we may be clothed with filth and rags, for the time being from conditions thrown around us. When any orgain of our brain is excited as a faculty-talent and in action, its nerve force is inspired from its banner-links as it were by proxy. And if from the central members direct as a talented faculty developed, we can generally tell. Now a public speaker, who's whole intellect is excited, we often hear it said, by the expert critic that HE or SHE, as the case may be has made a brilliant effort, which is generally from mind out of the form, blending with mind in the form as a banner astrological star-influence, and if this be true of our new spangled banner philosophy, as the long lost veil of the Jerusalem temple, and as being a talanted emblem of life's forces out of the form, I will ask, if it is not time to commence harvesting the various talents of the world in the form, as the various scattered stones of the temple, and to rebuild spiritually from the scientific method of teaching, meaning to gather all the various talents around the true E pluribus union standard of life, which I now will give as a modern pariable, from the I Am centre-stance, to bring forward to full view, that seemingly has taken place, and is yet to take place, as being the Christ Jesus, placed upon the pinnacle of the temple, the E pluribus union point. The language of the pariable is on this wise: In the palmy days of times gone by, when Ethiopia was in her glory in the once genial Egyptian summer-land atmosphere, where all nature fed beautiful Ethiopia, there was a spirit that pervaded the land who called itself the right hand of fellowship. Innocent Ethiopia not having the rudimental experience of life, who can be read at all times from the standpoint of innocence, was captivated by its glittering show and with its promises from the various standpoints of reforms. Innocent and unsuspecting, Ethiopia became hood-winked and cable-towed under the guise of spiritual freedom, and was led as a lamb to the grave, commonly called in those days Sadduces. Innocent Ethiopia became surrounded with the Sadduce atmosphere, meaning grave, sedate and conservative as a Sadduce can only be.

    The true cheerfulness and happiness of the once admired and beautiful Ethiopian nature began to vanish as a Plymouth Rock phenomenon, who had to submit to the promised love and right hand of fellowship in a foreign land. Poor innocent Ethiopia was helpless as a slave under the influence of the Sadduces, who were slaves also, and not knowing it as the rulers of mankind, neither could they be persuaded differently from that of living the life of a Sadduce. Humanities, so called, investigating devil one day in his travels happened along where Ethiopia was working, he thought he recognized the organic outlines of the once sweet highland songster as a reincarnated germ of the diamond heavenly orb of the highest culture of all brain talents. He spoke to Ethiopia and asked her if she was not the child of the Goddes of Liberty, the great highland songster of the east, commonly called in ancient times Diana the great Queen of the Egyptians, for the devil you must know can read the phrenological currents throughout all the geological and astrological atmospheres of nature's spiritual universe. Ethiopia spoke and said that she was the re-incarnated child of the highland Goddess of Liberty, and was praying day and night for the Lord of the Vineyard to come and deliver her from the Sadduces, who had captured her, and were working her as a slave, which was unnatural to the Ethiopian nature. The devil being a cultured naturalist, by profession, reflected a few moments, then spoke to Ethiopia, and asked her if she would work for him spiritually, if he would redeem and deliver her from the Sadduce influence that had captured her by their glitering show and promises. Ethiopia reflected a few moments, by taking a general view of her situation as a wages slave, spoke and said that she would follow the banner that would redeem her, and place her back in her once cheerful and happy spiritual summer-land atmosphere. Then the devil spoke to Ethiopia from the stand-point of a general spiritual lecture, illustrating how the rise and fall of things, ideas and principals took place from generation to generation throu out the geological and astrological ages of the world, with all mankind as governments, creeds, tribes and nations of people, and illustrated by how the various trials, troubles and tribulations of life was all on account of beautiful Ethiopia, for not sowing her seed in good soil, which has produced, through force of circumstances, the world's Sadduces of nature, and on that account the various unnatural extremes of idolatory came that helpless human nature are at all times liable to grow into.

    After giving highland Ethiopia a glimpse of the cultured naturalists way of thinking as a philosophical type of cultured intellect through investigating things, ideas and principles from the stand-point of his lecture, he opened his vesture, and asked highland Ethiopia if she knew him. Ethiopia's countenance lit up with an inspiration that came and went, came and went. At last she gave vent to her merry cheerfulnes in spite of her Sadduce surroundings, the ancient spirit in Ethiopia had seen a glimpse of its ideal. Highland Ethiopia, with cheerful anxiety, asked our distinguished stranger, who we will now call Chylena, to explain the spiritual temperance fountain banner emblem, which HE was in posession of as HER true harmonial lover? Chylena spoke and said: "You see this sacred heart, the outlines shows you that I, your spiritual summerland brain banner ideal, has been spiritually tourtured from every conceivable source as your only true lover." Oh Ethiopia!

    But the harmonial 7th 24 carat holy see-germ of the intellect has surmounted and has crowned the world of mankind. These scars, showing Ethiopia, which you see, are now all healed up as the great spiritual wound; this means that the new-born child — the anglo-saxon author of our story as the pagan Egyptian red mankind nature has buried the so-called hatchet as the welsh spirit of the highland mountains. In the days of my distress, none but the red and black mankind could feel this aching heart of anxiety for your wellfare. Oh beautiful highland Ethiopia, of the white diamond orb, ever watching for your natures, return to earth, the old homestead germ.

    Oh Israel! it is I, your true spiritual lover, Pharoah the second, be not afraid, look upon the banner. Do you not see your infinite central orb, reflecting above the sweet, sweet summerland of the old but New Egyptian homestead country, the land of the free and the home of the brave, who dares to do the spiritual right and leave the wrong. Now, it seems, according to this pariable, that Pharoah is Esau, who turned to be humanities investigating devil as a scientist and is now about to throw of the Roman yoke from the historical point of teaching, and adopt the scientific method upon the square. Chylena, we now call our distinguished stranger, leader, and redeemer, left this message with his republican love, the child of the Godess of Liberty. The language of the message reads in this wise: O, O, Ohio prepare yea the temple for understanding, the lost has been found, the groom of the east, the bride of the west, the Goddess of Libertie's helpmate is in the field; the original tree has been found, decorated with all kinds of most choice spiritual fruits, pertaining to the knowledge of all things; the white house has become corrupt, the brain needs renovating, my house needs an entirely new set of furniture, from the top-mast pinnacle of ideality to the soles of my feet spirituality.

    Oh! where is the beginning, to the American people, to the people of the Western Hemisphere, and to all mankind in general. The events of the 19th century have foculized to a stand-point, where there has become a demand for more light and understanding upon the future destiny of mankind, and the soul's rest of the animal kingdom of mentality. The net has been set, the web woven, and mankind has been caught. O! America, will I not aid and assist the child of promise, innocent trusting child, the beacon light to all space, your destiny is great, be of good cheer, take up the Cross and follow me, I am the way and the light, your loving Chylena, the true republican who dares to hoist the Anglo-saxon standard, for the people to surround. This is my platform, which means to reconsider, reconstruct and reincarnate the best of everything, and then we shall always have the best. Keep this as a motto, and avoid the birth of unfruitfulness things in all things universal. Here is the index to some of the great questions that more light is demanded upon by the world of mankind: First, a general government constitution, systematically arranged, as a covenant between the minds out of the form and minds in the form, never to be altered, as certain lines of demarkation from the standpoint of the internationality of forces, as common laws of the land, such as protective labor laws, protective money laws, protective land laws, protective animal laws, protective human laws, which embraces marriage, diseases, sickness, death and burial. After we once get the foundation laid for remedying the temporial abuses of the land which we inhabit, then comes many questions to answer, which is also demanded, such as why and the wherefor of the various causes.

    The dipping of the needle at the North Pole, and the North Star being a central orb, the ebbing and flowing of the tides, the revolving of the earth, sun, moon and the starry constellations, the Gulf Stream, the separation of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, which applies to the white and gray matter forces of the brain structure of all life, the sun's disk, whether the white light is fed through the disk, from the moon, or from the stars; how electricity of the universe came into existence; how the earth, sun, moon and the stars came into existence and in motion; hydrophobia as an organic nature of madness, its cause as positive; the mysterious tape worm phenomenon, as a serpent principle in human nature; the temperaments of sea life as organic; temperaments of earth life as in-organic forces; the cremation and burying of the dead, as we have it a curse to humanity; the Mount Vesuvius phenomenon in connection with the moon; the cause of yellow fever and its cure as inorganic; the cause of cholera and its cure as organic; the true parents to all diseases; true cheerfulness an Ethiopian principal, as a toning nature; the truth concerning the infinite conception of materialized forces, and finally the true classification of the world's star-spangled banner of spiritual talents in schedule forms as representing the various faculty orbs of spirit life, as the various spiritual societies and talented occupations. Which the earth's intelligence must be fashioned after, to retain their true nature as an individuality, when a mind out of the form.

    All this distinguished knowledge, including the true government system, systematically arranged, as a general international constitution of all the useful and beautiful talents in schedule forms, to base our coming temperance fountain philosophy upon, remains behind the banner-veil of life and not dead forces, which is our only true standard as a principal for our coming spirituality to adopt, as the true theory of the internationality of spiritualities alphabet of living forces, and for an individual self-government in unity and spiritual union. Consequently, it will be understood, that the banner which is presented, must be accepted from an individual stand-point, both for temporial and spiritual purposes, and must not be confined to color, but to be the emblem in principal for all light and colors, and for every nation, tribe and people to adopt spiritiually. Thus its destiny means amalgamation universal in principal, and as an emblem on this wise: Let the emblem be both national and individual in principal, and national only in color for distinguishing the various states or nations. But the principal to be universal, as the only star-spangled banner church bride and groom philosophy, as a spiritual government, the new Jerusalem of univeral talents as mind and matter forces.

    Consequently our political aim, as a true temperance renovator and educator, means universal in principle, as an internationality of forces from a general base, and as a constitution from the Meeds' and Persians' stand-point of view, meaning to adopt the truth for helpful and beneficial purposes and hold fast to the Standard of Life, after adopting it, which means general skeleton outlines of demarcation, as common universal laws, to reach all mankind alike as a principle devine, the true God-head theory for a talented international spiritual government.

    I now bid you farewell for the present,

    Your loving and true protector,

    By Albert Staley, Author and Scribe.


  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (April 1905), The Order of Chylena, "Arcane Societies in the United States", Historic Magazine and Notes and Queries 23 (4): 88,;view=1up;seq=106, "This Order was founded by Albert Staley, in Philadelphia, Penn. in 1879. The manual is called "The Standard United States Guide," bound in a thin duodecimo. The Order has Five Points of Fellowship, given from the true E Pluribus Unum Point. Its flag bears the legend, "Evangel" and "Evangeline" in six-pointed stars. "Philosophy of Universal Life" appears to the chief fundamental tenet, and the lost word of the temple as an element. Ethiopia, she is the bride; Chylena, he is the redeemer. The "I-Am" seems to be the ◎. "You see this sacred heart; the outline shows you that I," says Chylena."