Night Siege: The Northern Ohio UFO-Creature Invasion (1982 book)

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Night Siege: The Northern Ohio UFO-Creature Invasion
Author Dennis Pilichis
Publisher Dennis Pilichis
Location Rome, Ohio
Pub. date 1982
Language English
Not to be confused with *Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings* (1987) by J. Allen Hynek, et. al.

Night Siege: The Northern Ohio UFO-Creature Invasion is a 1982 book by Dennis Pilichis that details unusual reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects and associated crypto-hominid encounters in the environs of Rome Township, Lawrence County, Ohio during 1981.


  • Pilichis, Dennis (1982), Night Siege: The Northern Ohio UFO-Creature Invasion, Rome, Ohio: D. Pilichis 

Table of Contents

  • Foreword (by Berthold Eric Schwarz)
  • Introduction
  • Background Information That Led Up to the Current Outbreak of the Creature UFO Activity in Northern Ohio
  • The Encounter of June 25th 1981
  • The Encounter of June 26th 1981
  • Details of the Creature Seen on June 26th 1981
  • Drawing of the Creature Seen Less Then 30 Feet Away 6-26-81
  • The Encounter of June 28th 1981
  • Footprints Left From the June 25th 1981 Encounters
  • Black Forms and Phantom Flashlights
  • June 29th 1981 Encounters: the Police Reports
  • Encounters the Night of July 1st I981
  • Drawing: Strange Forms and Other Entities
  • Drawing: Spheres of Light in the Corn Field
  • The Strange Three Toed Footprints Found After the 7/3/81 Encounters
  • Encounters of July 6th and 7th 1981
  • Drawing: Swirl Effects Around Five Toed Footprint Tracks
  • The Rabbit Trap Experiment: August 21st and 22nd 1981
  • Drawings: Possible Situation at Rabbit Trap Site
  • The Rock Creek Ohio Critter Encounters
  • Three Toed Footprint Impression from the Rock Creek Area
  • Afterthought: Conclusions?!
  • Bio-Data