Maxin-92 Research Foundation

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Maxin-92 Research Foundation
Formation c. 1945
Purpose/focus Shaver Mystery
Main organ Maxin-92, Maxin-96

Maxin-92 Research Foundation was a short-lived, California-based group, organised by David D. Dagmar around 1945 for the purpose of discussing and publishing on the Shaver Mystery and other occult matters. The name Maxin refers to the Maxin Light, or Unfed Flame, detailed in A Dweller on Two Planets, or The Dividing of the Way (1905) by Phylos the Thibetan (or Frederick Spencer Oliver).

Selected Publications

  • Dagmar, David D., ed. (1945), Maxin-92, Hollywood, Calif.  — two issues
  • Dagmar, David D., ed. (1946), Maxin-96, Hollywood, Calif.  — three issues