Margaret Rogers

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Margaret Rogers
Born c. 1896[1]
Died c. 1955

Margaret Rogers (1896-1955) was a Mexican contactee who claimed to have been brought into the cavern cities of the Nephli, the benevolent descendants of ancient extraterrestrials, where she was cured of a heroin addiction by alien ray treatment and shown the Hedon Rogia, the Nephli's holy scrolls. Her claims were first detailed in letters and articles in Ray Palmer's Amazing Stories and later through correspondence, including with Irene Farrier, who was credited by Eric Norman for providing details of Rogers' encounters for his book The Under-People (1969).

Selected Bibliography

Beginning (1947)

  • Palmer, Ray (Feb. 1948), "Beginning (A Review)", Amazing Stories 22 (2): 105, 

    ONE of the most fascinating events in AMAZING STORIES was the publication of a reputed true experience in a cave beneath Mexico, by Mrs. Margaret Rogers. Our readers will remember that story, as an integral part of the famed Shaver Mystery. Mrs. Rogers got more than four thousand letters concerning her adventure, and the whole thing raised quite a rumpus. Many readers asked for more information from her, and your editors were deluged by requests for more from her on the subject. Apparently many people believed her implicitly, and many others were so intrigued that they desired proof. Naturally she could not answer them all. Now Mrs. Rogers has written a book, and published it at her expense. It contains her adventures, complete and unabridged, and serves as an answer to all those people who wanted to know more. The book is titled "Beginning," and we recommend it to our readers as supporting evidence of the Shaver Mystery. She says it is copied from ancient records few surface beings have ever seen. You can get it by writing Mrs. Margaret Rogers, 117 Devine St., San Antonio, Texas. The two dollars it costs is well worth it to Shaver Fans! Your editor enjoys it very much.



  1. The U.S. Census for 1940 lists Margaret Rogers of 117 Devine St., San Antonio, Texas as being 44, thus born in around 1896 ( In her first letter to Amazing Stories, published in the September 1946 issue (v. 20, n. 6), Roger indicated that she would be 60 in three years time, which would give a birth year of closer to 1889.