Koscot Interplanetary

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Koscot Interplanetary
Formation 1967
Legal status Dissolved
Purpose/focus Cosmetics distribution franchise sales
Headquarters Orlando, Florida
Chairman Glenn W. Turner
Parent org. Glenn W. Turner Enterprises, Inc.

Koscot Interplanetary (Kosmetics for the Communities Of Tomorrow, a play on Disney's EPCOT) was a cosmetics distribution franchise company based in Orlando, Florida, founded in 1967 by Glenn W. Turner, the structure and offerings similar to companies like William E. Bailey's Bestline Products and William Penn Patrick's Holiday Magic. Koscot was the subject of lawsuits by distributors over unpaid dividends, state-level prosecutions on the basis that the focus on sales of distributorships was a pyramid scheme, and federal charges by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for illegal price fixing and impositions on distributors, resulting in its eventual dissolution in the 1970s.

Koscot Interplanetary cosmetics brands

The core of Koscot's products have been described as mink oil-based.

  • Essence of the Universal Woman (spray and splash colognes, "beauty dust", creams, bars, oils)
  • Lady Koscot "Translucent Nutra" (face and body powder)
  • Lady Koscot "Kosmicated Kream" (creams)
  • Lemon Grove (astringents, talcs, facials, gels)
  • One Day (disposable towelettes, creams, dusts, colognes, oils)
  • Mink N Musk (perfumes and colognes)
  • Sharecropper (aftershave and cologne)