James Cooper

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James Cooper
Born 3 July 1846(1846-07-03)
Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
Died 24 December 1928 (82)
Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio
Occupation(s) Physician
Known for Psychometry claims, spirit art
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Juergens (m. 1845); Cordelia White Moses (m. 1857)

James Cooper (August 3, 1821 - June 18, 1898) was an American physician and psychometrist. Among Cooper's Spiritualist credentials were his contacts with the Ancient Band, a collective of spirits who were said to represent peoples living from the late Paleolithic Age onward, inspiring a series of clairvoyant "spirit pictures" executed by Wella P. and L. "Pet" Anderson, as well as a book, History of the Prehistoric Ages (Chicago, 1880), which was channelled by Leonard Herbert Nason and "translated" by Cooper. He also claimed that his step-daughter, Charlotte A. (Moses) Bogue, was a medium who, he said, channelled spirits, including one that claimed to be Robert Burns (1759-1796), and that she would speak in various tongues of which she was otherwise ignorant, including Latin, Greek, Hebrew, German, Gaelic, an unknown British Celtic proto-Welsh language, and Seminole language.[1]

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