Leonard Herbert Nason

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Portrait engraving, frontis, as printed in History of the Prehistoric Ages (1880).

Leonard Herbert Nason was an American spiritual healer and medium who claimed to channel the Ancient Band, a group of spirits that lived at different times from the period of the late Paleolithic onward, their messages being thereafter translated by James Cooper, a psychometrist.

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Press Coverage

  • "BREVITIES. A Short-lived Cure.", Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL): 7, 28 Mar. 1888,, "Henry Jestrum, the Blue Island avenue photographer, is still at the Dentention Hospital for the Insane, and raving as wildly as ever over the spiritualistic fancies which drove him insane. He has to be kept tied to a seat, and his hands confined to prevent injury to himself and others. When his family visited him yesterday they were accompanied by Dr. L. H. Nason. He is a little old gentleman, bald-headed, with a fringe of long hair depending from his ears, a gray beard, and rusty black clothes. 'I am the oldest spiritual healer in the city,' he said, 'and have been here thirty-five years.' By permission, he went to work on Jestrum, who had just before been cursing some malignant spirits. With a few mesmeric he reduced the patient to perfect quietuses, and presently to unconsciousness. Then he called for scissors, and took a lock of Jestrum's hair. He explained that by its aid he could will Jestrum to quietude at any time and should frequently do so. The patient's family were greatly pleased at the result and left perfectly satisfied. The Doctor must have lost the lock of hair or got it mixed somehow, for Jestrum was unusually violent all the afternoon. He keeps silent for a time and then, with eyes fixed on vacancy, holds long and excited arguments with the spirits on every conceivable subject."