J. B. Jones

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J. B. Jones
Born 14 October 1917(1917-10-14)
McMinnville, Warren Co., Tennessee
Died 14 April 1980 (62)
Burial Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery, McMinnville, Tenn.
Affiliations Abundavita Corp.; Whitehorn Publishing Co.; Breckenridge Foundation
Spouse(s) Doris Whitehorn (m. 1937)

James Breckenridge Jones (October 14, 1917 - April 14, 1980) was an American follower of Napoleon Hill and lecturer on Hill's Law of Success, later founding Abundavita, a nutritional supplement company, ostensibly based on those precepts.

Selected Bibliography

  • Jones, J. B. (1957), If You Can Count to Four, Compton, Calif.: Whitehorn Pub. Co. 

Press Coverage

Whitehorn Publishing Co.

  • Jones's Whitehorn Pub. Co. published Mormon explorer DeVere Baker's The Raft Lehi IV: 69 Days Adrift on the Pacific Ocean (1959), a chronicling of Baker's attempt to demonstrate the possibility that ancient Israelites reached the Americas via the Pacific. The Breckenridge Foundation was mentioned by Baker in press coverage of the time as a future financier of a Lehi V expedition, though this does not seem to have come to fruition.
  • Whitehorn also published Allen E. Banik and Renée Taylor's Hunza Land: The Fabulous Health and Youth Wonderland of the World (1960), featuring an introduction by Art Linkletter, as well as Taylor and Mulford J. Nobbs's later Hunza: The Himalayan Shangri-la (1962), books regarding expeditions to the Hunza Valley and the supposed healthful lifestyles of the Hunzukut peoples.
  • Robert Alan Franklyn, Hollywood plastic surgeon, also appeared in the rolls of Whitehorn with his book, co-authored with Alyce Canfield, Beauty Surgeon (1960).