Howard Victor Broenstrup

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Howard Victor Broenstrup
Born 3 February 1886(1886-02-03)
Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio
Died 12 November 1963 (77)
San Francisco Co., California

Howard Victor Broenstrup (February 3, 1886 - November 12, 1963), also known as Count H. Victor von Broens-Trupp Cherep-Spiridovich and under various other aliases, was an American patent attorney and publisher of anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi propaganda in the United States, ultimately being part of a group of 28 (including the likes of William Ernest Kullgren) who were tried for sedition in a federal case that ultimately ended in a mistrial. Among his various political efforts, Broenstrup was said to be the founder of the Ancient and Noble Order of the Blue Lamoo, a pro-Aryan secret society that claimed to derive "its powers and authority from the Ancient Immortal Atlantean Initiates of the Sun."[C]