Ancient and Noble Order of the Blue Lamoo

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The Ancient and Noble Order of the Blue Lamoo was a South Dakota-based society formed in the 1930s that was stated to have "derive[d] and exercise[d] its powers and authority from the Ancient Immortal Atlantean Initiates of the Sun," being dedicated to the encouragement of "the study of those Ancient Aryan Teachings and Esoteric Sciences which deal with the Mission, Superiority and Responsibility of the Great Aryan Race." The order was open to "those of the natural nobility who have proven themselves worthy of the distinction given their forebears, and those of the Aryan People of all classes."[C]

The founding of the organisation has been credited to Howard Victor Broenstrup[1] (a.k.a. Count H. Victor von Broens-Trupp Cherep-Spiridovich),[2] and its membership reportedly included the likes of Charles Pichel.

Selected Publications

  • Order of the Blue Lamoo (1934), Proclamation and Basic Laws, Liberty & Company