Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich

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Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich
Артур Череп-Спиридович
Born 8 September 1867(1867-09-08)
Russian Empire
Died 22 October 1926 (59)
Arrochar, Staten Island, New York
Burial Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Grasmere, New York
Alma mater Морской кадетский корпус (1887)
Workplace(s) Slavic Subsidiary Company of Moscow (1901-1913)
Affiliations Slavonic Society of Russia, president; Latino-Slavic League (Ligue Latino-Slave), president; Society of Russian Naval Officers
Known for Secret World Government or "The Hidden Hand" (1926)

Artemy "Arthur" Ivanovich Cherep-Spiridovich (Russian Cyrillic: Артемий "Артур" Иванович Череп-Спиридович; September 8, 1867 - October 22, 1926) was a Russian Tsarist (White) loyalist who fled Russia following the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and ultimately settled in the United States, spending his later years engaged in reactionary, anti-Bolshevist politics in Europe and America, notably publishing an English-language book entitled Secret World Government or "The Hidden Hand" (1926), an anti-Semitic treatise that proposed a global conspiracy orchestrated by three hundred Jewish families.

His claimed noble title of count was not of Russian origin and had been reputedly granted to him by Pope Pius X, while his claimed military rank of Major General (Флота генерал-майор) would have been attained during his time in the Imperial Russian Navy.

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