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A centenarian (from Latin: centēnārius, "of one hundred") is a term for a person (or any thing) that has lived to one hundred years of age, while the terms super-centenarian or ultra-centenarian would refer to those that survive past one hundred years.

Becoming a Centenarian

The likes of A. Victor Segno and Orrin Robertson, among others, sold books that promised to serve as guides to those seeking survival for one hundred years; while Hilton Hotema promised life "in three centuries" in his book The Secret of Long Life (1960), which, at minimum, would be one hundred and two years, supposing one was born in the last year of one century, lived through a single century, then into the first year of the following century.

Super-centenarians (confirmed and alleged)

Conventional understanding suggests that super-centenarian (ultra-centenarian) lifespans are extraordinarily rare in human beings, representing a fractional percentage of the total population of the living and deceased, estimated in 2019 to be 0.0068% out of the 7.8 billion supposed to be alive today (if one accepts such figures).