Leon DeSeblo

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Leon DeSeblo
Born 22 February 1874(1874-02-22)
Died 28 February 1981 (107)
Placer Co., California
Alma mater Intercollegiate University, London (D.D.)
Affiliations Inter-National Constitutional Church

Leon Antony Sceblo (February 22, 1874[i] - February 28, 1981), known briefly during the Second World War as Leonid de Seblo and after the war as Leon Anthony DeSeblo, was an American hypnotist and stage performer of Polish origin turned unorthodox health lecturer. In his lecture advertising, De Seblo was promoted as an authority in many fields, including craniopathy, endocrinology, human longevity, nutrition and dietetics (e.g. chlorella pyrenoidosa supplements), cosmic and metagenic rays, &c.


From the 1920s into the 1930s, Sceblo toured the east coast as a stage performer and hypnotist. He had relocated to California by 1939, where, still using the name Sceblo, he promoted himself as a psychologist and then as a lecturer on health matters. By 1944, Sceblo had become Leonid de Seblo, a Russian scientist and self-described student of Ivan P. Pavlov, Élie Metchnikoff, and Camille Flammarion; this, however, seems to have been dropped not long after the war ended, and he became simply Leon DeSeblo, a respectable citizen of the United States.

Selected Bibliography

  • Sceblo, Leon A. (1932) (in Polish), Moje Leczenie Przez Naturę, Las 
  • De Seblo, Leon (1951), Supreme Law for Prolongation of Life & Universal Principles of Rejuvenation  — re-published as Sickness and Senility Are Unnecessary: 17 Complete Lessons on Supreme Law for Prolongation of Life & Universal Principles of Rejuvenation (Health Research): "Dr. Leon DeSeblo - nearly 100 years old, drives his own car, wears no glasses, has own hair - he was given up to die at 60 - gives his discovered health secrets."

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  1. Vital sources conflict as to whether Sceblo/DeSeblo was born in 1884 or 1874, and so it is unclear if he attained the status of super-centenarian or not.