Wayne Trubshaw

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Wayne Trubshaw
Born 5 March 1899(1899-03-05)
Died 24 November 1969 (70)
Marysville, Washington
Burial Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Oregon
Affiliations Borderland Sciences (BSRA)
Spouse(s) Leona Craig (m. 1920)

William Wayne Trubshaw (March 5, 1899 - November 24, 1969) was an American esoteric and saucerian writer, advocate of Cyrus Teed's hollow earth theory and like hypotheses.

Selected Bibliography


  • Trubshaw, Wayne (1938), The Real Christ Teaching; the Apex Stone, According to Melchisedek Masonry, or Regenerative Life-cell Expression, Tacoma, Wash.: William Wayne Trubshaw 

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