Venus Venous Research Corporation

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Venus Venous Research Corporation was a California-based organisation, founded by Bonnie and Mabel Royce, that existed to promote the Royces' belief that Rh-negative blood is proof of ancient alien ancestry and is correlated with psychic powers, &c. The group published a newsletter called Bloodline[1] (or ICHOR) during the late 1970s,[2] which included contributions from Ivan Boyes, one of their first members.

Selected Publications

  • Royce, Mabel; Royce, Bonnie (1975), Blood of the Gods 



  1. Keller, Raymond A. (29 Jun. 2021), The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part X,, 
  2. Duplantier, Gene, ed. (1978), "Blood brothers - and sisters", Ufolk (Willowdale, Ontario) (1): 23,, "'Are you an RH negative blood type? If so, you could be a descendant of the ancient astronauts themselves,' say MABEL and BONNIE ROYCE, directors of the Venus Venous Research Corp. Their research shows that most persons who have psychic powers, are faith healers, and those that research the ancient astro theories, such as Erich von Daniken and Brad Steiger, have RH negative blood. Interested in this subject? They have their own publication called ICHOR where you can read about this and other subjects in greater detail."