Ivan Boyes

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Ivan Boyes
Born 8 January 1946(1946-01-08)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada[1]
Affiliations Western Guard; Flying Saucer - Hollow Earth Research Society; Venus Venous Research Corporation

Ivan Boyes (b. 1946) was a Canadian contactee who reported that he had been brought aboard a flying saucer in October 1960 by a trio of time travelers from the Carboniferous period (i.e. 350-300 million years previous), the three described as having metallic bronze skin and attired in sky-blue flight suits with high-ankled black boots, the leader being white-haired and the others ebony-haired.[AA]

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Boyes also edited and contributed to OMNI-1, Azag Asuralim, and New Worlds, published through his Flying Saucer - Hollow Earth Research Society, and was a noted contributor to Canadian white nationalist magazines Straight Talk and Aryan in the 1970s.[2]

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