Tomokichi Fukurai

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Tomokichi Fukurai (福来友吉)
Born 3 November 1869(1869-11-03)
Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Died 13 March 1952 (82)
Alma mater Tokyo Imperial University (東京帝国大学, Tokyo Teikoku Daigaku)
Affiliations Psychical Institute of Japan

Tomokichi Fukurai (福来友吉, ふくらい ともきち, Fukurai Tomokichi; November 3, 1869 - March 13, 1952) was a Japanese psychologist and parapsychologist interested in hypnosis, extra-sensory perception, and nengraphy, the method of imprinting images psychically onto photo plates (i.e. psychic photography). Fukurai's most infamous parapsychology experiments, which became known as the Senrigan Affair, were conducted from 1910-1911 with clairvoyants Chizuko Mifune, Ikuko Nagao, and Takahashi Sadako.

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