Timeline: Ufology

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Year Brief
1880 Mystery Airships Reports of unusual lights and flying craft witnessed in the late 19th century.
1940 Foo Fighters Strange lights and other aerial phenomena of the World War II period.
1946 The Ether Ship Mystery Meade Layne and his associates propose an occult interdimensional theory to explain the flying saucer problem.
1952 Space Brothers Contacts with friendly space beings from nearby planets who want to assist humanity and clean up the atomic mess.
1960 Alien Abductions Contacts with less-than-friendly aliens who want to study humanity for their own unknown purposes.
1968 Ancient Astronauts Contacts with space beings in bygone eras who influenced our cultures, religions, and even our genetics.
1970 Ashtar Command New contacts with Ashtar and the Forces of Light offer a return to the hopeful days of the Space Brothers.
1980 Socio-Psychological Claims about contacts with space beings studied as psychological and social phenemona.
1993 Disclosure Contacts with space beings have been documented by world governments and must be released to the public.